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WARNING: This code rule is violated. 25 types on 4549 tested match the condition.
// <Name>API Breaking Changes: Types</Name>

warnif count > 0 from t in codeBase.OlderVersion().Application.Types
where t.IsPubliclyVisible && 

// The type has been removed, it was not tagged as obsolete
     // and its parent assembly hasn't been removed …
     ( ( t.WasRemoved() && 
!t.ParentAssembly.WasRemoved() && 
!t.IsObsolete) ||

// … or the type is not publicly visible anymore
        !t.WasRemoved() && !t.NewerVersion().IsPubliclyVisible)

select new { 
NewVisibility = 
(t.WasRemoved() ? " " : 
Debt = 20.ToMinutes().ToDebt(),
Severity = Severity.High

// This rule is executed only if a *baseline for comparison* is defined (*diff mode*).
// This rule warns if a type publicly visible in the *baseline*, 
// is not publicly visible anymore or if it has been removed.
// Clients code using such type will be broken.

// Make sure that public types that used to be presented to
// clients, still remain public now, and in the future.
// If a public type must really be removed, you can tag it
// with *System.ObsoleteAttribute* with a *workaround message*
// during a few public releases, until it gets removed definitely.
// Notice that this rule doesn't match types removed that were
// tagged as obsolete.
// Issues of this rule have a severity equal to **High**
// because an API Breaking change can provoque significant
// friction with consumers of the API.
25 types NewVisibility Debt Severity Full Name
ProtoBehaviorExtension 20min High ProtoBuf.ServiceModel .ProtoBehaviorExtension
BoundingSphere Internal 20min High devDept.Geometry.BoundingSphere
BrepTessellationMeshSurrogate Internal 20min High devDept.Serialization .BrepTessellationMeshSurrogate
ShapeFileSurrogate Internal 20min High devDept.Serialization.ShapeFileSurrogate
ShapeSymbolComponentSurrogate Internal 20min High devDept.Serialization .ShapeSymbolComponentSurrogate
ShapeSymbolSurrogate Internal 20min High devDept.Serialization .ShapeSymbolSurrogate
CollisionDetection2D+CollisionResultItem 20min High devDept.Eyeshot .CollisionDetection2D+CollisionResultIte m
ShapeFileType Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.ShapeFileType
ShapeFile Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.ShapeFile
ShapeSymbol Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.ShapeSymbol
ShapeCommand Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.ShapeCommand
ShapeSymbolComponent Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.ShapeSymbolComponent
WriteWebGLParams Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.WriteWebGLParams
ClipboardMetafileHelper Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.ClipboardMetafileHelper
Utilities Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.WebGL.Utilities
SurfaceEx Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.Nurbs.SurfaceEx
BoundingCone Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.Nurbs.BoundingCone
AnchoredCone Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.Nurbs.AnchoredCone
ReadFemDesigner 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.Translators .ReadFemDesigner
ReadLisa 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.Translators.ReadLisa
FastPointCloud+multiColorType Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.Entities .FastPointCloud+multiColorType
Brep+TessellationMesh Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.Entities .Brep+TessellationMesh
Surface+RepSurf Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.Entities.Surface+RepSurf
IBbox Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.Entities.IBbox
SurfTessellator Internal 20min High devDept.Eyeshot.Entities.SurfTessellator
Sum: - 1d 0h -
Average: - 20min -
Minimum: - 20min -
Maximum: - 20min -
Standard deviation: - 0min 0s -
Variance: - 0min 0s -