Zoom invariant / Position Invariant entity (v10)

The proposed solution is not natively supported and may not work in all scenarios and versions.

The code is the same as for Eyeshot 8 sample, with this changes:


Instead of 

public override bool IsInFrustum(PlaneEquation[] frustum, Point3D center, double radius, bool quick)


public override bool IsInFrustum(FrustumParams data, Point3D center, double radius)


Instead of 

protected override void DrawForSelection(DrawParams data)


protected override void DrawForSelection(GfxDrawForSelectionParams data)


Instead of 

new Scale(screenToWorld, screenToWorld, screenToWorld) * // scale


new Scaling(screenToWorld, screenToWorld, screenToWorld) * // scale


Previous versions of this article: Eyeshot 8, Eyeshot 7

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  • Hi,

    I'm considering zoom invariant entities for Dimensions and TextLeader (constant arrowhead and text size).

    Is there anything to pay attention when deriving from those types of entities?


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