• Improved speed of STEP and IGES import up to 10x
  • Improved speed of Solid3D boolean operations up to 30%
  • Added immediate mode rendering for WPF control
  • Fixed licensing on ASP.NET
  • Fixed line count in STEP file writing
  • Added ViewportLayout.DefaultColor property for top-level entities with ByParent color method
  • Added drawingStyleType.LineStrip and PointsAndLineStrip to PointCloud and FastPointCloud classes
  • Fixed CtSliceInfo.Clone() method
  • Fixed Attribute.Value property initialization
  • Added support for BlockReference.Draw(DrawParams) method to allow custom drawing
  • ViewportLayout.Backface property no longer static
  • Fixed a DpiAware issue in WinForm control
  • Improved speed of LinearPath.TangentAt() method
  • Added resolveByParent parameter to BlockReference.Explode() method
  • Added support for Ole2Frame objects in DWG import
  • Added support of Teigha.DatabaseServices.Surface in DWG import
  • Fixed crash in BlockReference.Attributes.Clear()
  • Fixed ObjectManipulator crash when the standard Mesh objects are replaced
  • Added Surface.PointInversion() method for faster point projection of 3D points that lay on the surface
  • Added ViewportLayout.GetAllVisibleItems() and GetAllItemsUnderMouseCursor() methods
  • Added support for transparency in Mesh with Multicolor nature (see article)
  • Fixed IGES export of a Text entity inside a Block
  • Fixed STL export when a Text entity is present
  • Improved the ViewportLayout.Entities.SynchronizeAttribute() method
  • Fixed the Camera.Clone() method in WPF
  • Fixed clipping planes for OriginSymbol object
  • Removed from the SelectionChangedEventArgs the items that were both added and removed
  • Fixed missing environment mapping and texture on selected faces
  • Changed sub-item selection, now parent entity is not selected anymore.
  • Improved built-in animation, now it skips silhouette curves drawing.
  • Fixed IGES type 124 and 408 for scaled BlockReference read and write
  • Added TextureBase.UpdateRegion() method to update only a portion of a texture with a new image
  • Fixed ProjectConverter tool for null reference exception
  • Fixed OBJ import for files with negative vertex indices
  • Fixed labels drawing with Direct3D renderer
  • Changed some the default values of Solid3D.Loft() method
  • Added support for PointRGB in WebGL export
  • Accomplished CLS Compliance for all Eyeshot assemblies
  • Improved BlockReference instance selection (see article)
  • Fixed ObjectManipulator visualization due to wrong bounding box computation
  • Renamed TextureBase.TextureUnit property as TextureBase.TextureUnitMode
  • Renamed TextureBase.textureunit enum as textureUnitType
  • Added BallPivoting.Log property
  • Replaced the ViewportLayout.SelectionScope property with SetSelectionScope() method
  • Added ViewportLayout.SelectInScope() method
  • Updated Teigha DLLs
  • Restored public Entity.IsInFrustum() method
  • Fixed SHX fonts compilation when the character width is null
  • Fixed Mesh entity writing in STEP file format
  • Fixed illumination problem on OriginSymbol with style as CoordinateSystem with DirectX renderer
  • Fixed event handler unregistration in ViewportLayout control disposal
  • Fixed planar reflection when shaders are not available
  • Added support for empty line pattern
  • Fixed geometry scaling in ViewportLayout.Entities.SetCurrent() operation
  • Fixed exception during camera initialization when the ViewCube is null in WPF
  • Fixed multi-threading issue with multiple ViewportLayout controls in separated threads
  • Set GraphicsException class as Serializable
  • Fixed OBJ import for files with tabulated characters
  • Fixed ViewportLayout.SelectionChangedEventArgs class constructor that takes the int[] as parameter
  • Improved CompositeCurve.IntersectionLineCircle() method for some tangency cases
  • Fixed initial rotation for ViewportLayout.SetView() and for Turntable rotation mode
  • Fixed crash in planar shadows computation when entities are added before the control creation
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  • Hello.

    I use the Eyeshot 10 Ultimate Trial version.

    Can you please tell how can i get the cartesian coordinates of a picked STEP Face?


  • Use the "Pick Face" button of the EyeshotDemo source code sample.

  • It works well, but i actually want to click one or more faces. After that i want to read the coordinates of all selected Faces. Is there any solution ?


  • This is something you can easily implement on your side.

  • :-)))) Ok and how????

  • Just filling a List<Point3D> with points returned from 'Pick Face' button implementation.


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