How to publish an Eyeshot application with ClickOnce

To publish an Eyeshot application using VisualStudio ClickOnce follow the following steps (screenshots refer to VisualStudio 2013):


1) Open the Project properties and go to the Publish page:



2) Click on the "Application Files..." button to open the corresponding dialog:



3) Set the Publish status of the three Eyeshot dlls to "Include", and the status of the SharpDX dlls to "Exclude":



4) Publish the application.

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  • Hi Luca,

    I tried this but on the target machine I get an error stating that:

    "Unable to install or run the application. The application requires that assembly SharpDX.DXGI Version be installed in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) first."

    Is there a way to include the SharpDX required dlls in the application?


  • Sorry, 


    re-read your article and it worked fine!

  • Question for you.  Is ClickOnce a good installer for most applications?  I am using the Install shield that comes with VS.  I don't need a lot of the features.


    Now the install shield does allow me to create the default directories, data directories, and a disclaimer statement.

  • PS.  I modified the setup file as you suggested AFTER I sent you the code.

  • Hi Robert,

    please open a ticket explaining your issue.

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