Renamed devDept.Eyeshot.toolBarButtonStyle enum as toolBarButtonStyleType
Renamed OriginSymbol.Style property as OriginSymbol.StyleMode
Renamed ProgressBar.Style property as ProgressBar.StyleMode
Renamed ToolBarButton.Style property as ToolBarButton.StyleMode
Fixed dimension text height during DWG/DXF import, when defined in dimension style.
Fixed FastPointCloud point size drawing
Added ClippingPlane.Edit() method to dynamically edit clipping plane using ObjectManipulator
Added the “Clip” button to the EyeshotDemo to dynamically clipping the 3D scene
Fixed line pattern drawing when a segment exceeds the repetition limit
Fixed 3D label selection
Added Dimension.Scale property
Fixed BlockReference parallel regeneration
Fixed FEM Beam entity drawing with OpenGL renderer on Intel HD Graphics 4000
Fixed FEM Beam entity drawing with Direct3D renderer
Fixed missing part name in BlockReference.EntityData during STEP import
Added two additional ToolstripStatusLabels for added and removed to selection count in Eyeshot demo source code sample
Fixed wrong individual wire curve trimming in STEP import
Fixed mouse capture in WPF control
Changed BlockReference.Attributes collection type back to dictionary
Added the AttributeReference.Clone() method
Fixed Attribute visibility in respect to Entity visibility
Moved a number of properties from AttributeReference.Data class to AttributeReference and removed AttributeReference.Data property
Added Block.RegenAllCurved() method
Disabled picking of (invisible) toolbar buttons when MagnifingGlass is active
Fixed FastPointCloud drawing in wireframe and shaded display mode without hardware acceleration
Fixed crash in BallPivoting when dealing with color modulated FastPointCloud entities
Removed drawing of projected shadow from FastPointCloud object
Changed the return type of Text.ConvertToMesh() and ConvertToLinearPath() method from dynamic list to array
Added Text and MultilineText.ConverToMesh() methods
Fixed crash in FastPointCloud drawing with color modulation
Changed ViewportLayout.SetCursor() parameter back to Cursor type
Added a new constructor to AngularDim class that accept two lines as parameters
Added support for adding angular dimensions picking two lines in DraftingDemo source code sample
Fixed inverted angular dimension for arcs in Drafting demo source code sample
Added the Grid.FillColor property
Fixed 3D labels blurred drawing with OpenGL renderer
Fixed drawing of Text and derived entities in HiddenLines display mode
Fixed crash on dashed hidden lines drawing with Direct3D renderer
Moved ReadAutodesk.SkipHatches property to class constructor parameters
Fixed initial drawing of ViewCube with OpenGL renderer
Added support for SubDMesh in DWG/DXF import
Added source code sample TextureMapping
Added FEM DirectSolver
Changed parameters of the MaterialBeamHollowCircle() class constructor
Deprecated Beam.SetPressure() and Beam2D.SetPressure() in favor of SetDistributedLoad()
Viewport.RestoreView() method is now affected by ViewportLayout.AnimateCamera settings
Fixed Picture entity drawing in Flat and HiddenLines display modes
Fixed mouse 3D support in WPF control
Fixed multi-touch support in WPF control
Added Material.RepeatX and RepeatY properties
Fixed OutlinedText 3D label drawing
Removed Region.GetIndividualCurves() method

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