Fixed zoom center on multiple viewports for multi-touch in WPF
Fixed Viewport.SetView() method, the selectedOnly parameter was not being considered.
Fixed AttributeReference transformation writing in DWG/DXF
Added ViewCubeIcon.Click event
Moved FastPointCloud.WriteASC() in the new devDept.Eyeshot.Translators.WriteASC class
Fixed ViewportLayout.CompileUserInterfaceElements() method not updating the BoundingBox text label
Added support for writing to stream to WriteASC, WriteOBJ, WriteSTL, WriteIGES, WriteSTEP and WriteLusas classes
Fixed ViewportLayout.RestraintSymbolColor property designer serialization
Added support for LinearPath entity in Solid3D loops
Added Text.ConvertToCurve(), ConvertToRegion() and ConvertToSurface().
Improved DirectX renderer initialization in WinForms, in case of failure the control switches to OpenGL.
Fixed IGES writing of long layer names
Added ViewportLayout.UpdateVisibleSelection() method, necessary when during visible selection the visibility of an entity changes.
Added ToolBarButton.Tag property
Added Beam.SetForce() in local coordinates
Fixed wireframe drawing for Beam2D
Fixed IGES export of Solid3D entities
Renamed EyeshotErrorOccurredEventArgs to ErrorOccurredEventArgs
Added ErrorOccurredEventArgs.StackTrace property
Improved speed of binary STL writing
Restyled WPF samples
Added the ability to change renderer and turn on/off hardware acceleration without the need to call Application.Exit()
Added SceneEditor and BlendSurface source code samples
Added writing of Measurement property in WriteAutodesk class, changed the default file version to Acad2007.
Added Beam.SetForce() for concentrated loads along the beam
Fixed Attribute text when the BlockReference is set as current
Fixed shadows for spot lights
Added LightSettings.GetLightDirection() method
Fixed missing reset status for mouse and keyboard when the ViewportLayout control is losing focus
Added MagnifyingGlass.ScaleLineWeight property to control wires/edges scaling
Optimized Mesh.Regen(), now it doesn't recompute Normals and Edges if they already exist.
Fixed dimensions line weight and ticks drawing
Added ViewportLayout.GetViewCubeIcon() and GetCoordinateSystemIcon() methods in WPF control
Added AppendAutodesk class
Fixed a crash in Mesh.CutBy()
Changed labels behavior during clipping, now they are hidden by the clipping plane
Optimized Mesh.MergeWith()
Fixed crash when the AttributeReference has a null text style in ReadAutodesk.CreateXref()
Fixed Viewport.RotateCamera() for Solid and Solid3D entities
Fixed flat display mode with only transparent entities in the scene with Direct3D renderer
Fixed silhouette thickness drawing with Direct3D renderer
Changed Visible selection, it now considers entities hidden by HideSmall too.
Added Surface.CreateEllipsoid() method
Improved WriteAutodesk.Log with entity index and block name of the object causing errors during writing
Improved detection of Laptop machines in the licensing subsystem.
Improved Curve and Surface.Promote() methods.
Added support for line stippling in Direct3D
Added BoundingBox.TextSuffix property
Added Surface.Blend() method
Added ReadAutodesk.SetView() method to set the view stored in the DWG/DXF file
Added Viewport.SetView() that accepts normal and up vector as parameters.
Added AttributeReference.InsertionPoint property

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