Fixed a flickering issue on WPF control
Fixed EntityList.Rotate() not using base point
Added LinearPath.Inflate() that takes a planeNormal parameter for linear paths that are lines
CoordinateSystemIcon.CreateLabels() is now overridable to allow specifying a custom label position
Added ZoomSettings.FitMargin property
Added OrdinateDim dimension
Fixed multi-color support for HiddenLines and Flat display modes
Added object name to IGES import
Added MultilineText.Wrap property
Fixed Solid intersection when one solid is inside another
Fixed Surface.TryGetPlanar()
Fixed print of transparent objects in hidden lines view
Added new parameter SelectableOnly to GetVisibleEntities(), GetCrossingEntities(), etc. methods
Added BoundingBox.NotApplicableText property
Added reading of AutoCAD "insBase" data (applied to block created in the ReadAutodesk.CreateXRef())
Fixed hidden lines view of Solid3D objects
Added the ability to specify an image for each ViewCubeIcon face
Fixed non uniform scaling of Solid3D entity
Added the ability to import Nurbs curve from STEP
Added support for Units and LineWeightUnits in the HiddenLinesViewOnFileAutodesk
Added HiddenLinesViewSettings.TreatWhiteAsBlack, LineWeightInWorldUnits and Units properties
Added support for snapping on Mesh.Vertices in DraftingDemo sample
Added HiddenLinesViewSettings.IgnoreTransparency property to HiddenLinesView
Added Viewport.GetBitmapSizeToPrintInWorldUnits() to get the size to print in raster with a given scale
Restored the ViewportLayout.Antialiasing property
Improved selection of Picture entity
Added Label.Clone() method
Fixed Curve.LocalInterpolation() that was not passing through the specified points
Improved memory footprint and speed of hidden lines view generation
Added an exception when someone calls the ViewportLayout.GetEntityUnderMouseCurors() (and similar) in the DrawOverlay() overrides
Fixed LinearDim, RadialDim and DiametricDim bounding box when arrows are outside extension lines.
Fixed writing of Solid3D models in STL and OBJ file format
Fixed selection added/removed count when entity groups are involved
Fixed vertical alignment in MultilineText entity
Added Surface.TrimBy() override with flipSide and leftOvers parameters
Fixed WPF multi-touch
Removed the constructor accepting a plane from the AreaProperties class
Improved speed of Region.Pocket()

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