Fixed crash closing WPF window
Added ViewportLayout.NavigationTimerTick event
Fixed lines with zero length in DWG/DXF import
Removed the ViewportLayout.RemoveJittering property
Improved hatches in DWG/DXF import
Fixed empty lines added to source code files from ProjectConverter tool
Fixed multi-touch for custom dpi settings in WPF
Improved Zoom-Pan-Rotate cursors
Fixed Zoom/Pan/Rotate when using the arrows keys in WPF
Replaced ViewportLayout.GetCameraRotation() by Viewport.GetCameraRotation()
Added ViewportLayout.KeepSceneUpright property
Added Toolbox support for Visual Studio 2015
Fixed big Mesh entity recompilation
Added the ability to set four different orientations for top and bottom view of the ViewCube
Added ViewportLayout.AskForDirect3DLevel9_3 property
Fixed magnifying glass when the mouse is over the toolbar or ViewCube icon, or when the ActionMode is not None.
Added the Text.Billboard property
Fixed WPF designer, Camera.Rotation was not correctly interpreted with German settings.
Changed multi-touch deselection, on double click when the ActionMode is None.
Fixed transparent background in ViewportLayout.RenderToBitmap()
Added FemMesh.ClippingMethod property
Improved Zoom/Pan/Rotate geometry simplification to never skip the entity under the mouse
Added DirectX buffered lines drawing for better performances.
Added support for a WidthFactor for each line in MultilineText entity
Added ViewCubeIcon.InitialRotation property to specify a different orientations of the ViewCube
Added support for MAPPED_ITEM based assemblied in STEP import
Added asynchronous read option in ReadDWG source code sample
Added support for writing Picture entity with transparency in DWG/DXF export
Added Label.ImageForSelection, ColorForSelection, FillColorForSelection properties
Added HiddenLinesView.Segment.Parents property
Improved frame per second computation
Added Statistics button to EyeshotDemo and FemDemo
Added Leader entity
Improved ViewportLayout.Entities.Clear(), now it cancels the ObjectManipulator to avoid crash.
Fixed ViewCube not correctly raising the CameraMoveBegin/CameraMoveEnd events

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