Removed Utility.PointOnSegment() and AreEqual6() methods
Fixed DemoProject for missing layers after import
Improved STEP import and added STEP export for Solid3D entities
Improved IGES import
Changed EntityList.Paste() method to virtual
Added KeyEventArgs.Handled support to OnKeyDown event
Added ViewportLayout.MagnifyingGlass feature
Fixed Vector2D, PointU, PointUv, PointNormalUv.Clone() methods
Improved ViewportLayout.RenderToBitmap() bitmap dispose in case of exception during capture
Removed ViewportLayout.Entities.Font property. Added the ViewportLayout.TextStyles dictionary. Replaced the font name and style parameters in the Text entity constructors with style.
Added support for reading/writing text styles in DWG/DXF import/export
Improved display for camera in orthographic mode
Changed LayerList.Add() methods to virtual
Fixed PointNormal and PointTangent.Equal(), now they compare also normal/tangent components
Fixed camera animation for view changes during animation
Fixed non uniform scaling of Solid3D entity
Implemented Solid3D.FlipNormal()
Fixed Curve.Fillet() for parallel lines
Improved BlockReference.Clone() method, now it copies also the attributes
Improved BlockReference .NET Serialization to include the attributes
Added texture coordinates to Mesh.SplitBy() and CutBy()
Fixed wrong rotation with Anaglyph 3D and hidden origin symbol
Moved all keyboard actions to the OnKeyDown event handler
Moved pick selection processing to the OnMouseDown event handler
Removed the viewportLayout parameter from the EntityList and LayerList classes constructor
Fixed HiddenLinesView class for extents parameter not being passed by a constructor
Fixed Dimension.LinearScale setting
Fixed Entity.LineWeightMethod setting in DWG/DXF import
Fixed import of IGES Type 112
Fixed reaction sample for missing Legend.Slave property
Improved point projection speed on tabulated surfaces

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