Optimized Mesh.Sweep() for speed
Fixed OriginSymbol.LabelColor at design time
Added support for IGES Type 140
Fixed display of transparent solids in Flat display mode
Fixed Solid3D export to OBJ for missing colors
Fixed AngularDim poor dimension arc regen quality
Fixed crash due to shaders during control initialization when PlanarReflection is disabled
Fixed wrong SelectionChangedEventArgs.Removed count for clicks in the empty space
Fixed scene clipped at the ground plane level when PlanarReflection is disabled
Fixed crash in shaders when hardware acceleration is disabled
Optimized shaders compilation, now it considers only active lights
Fixed Arc entity explosion when scale in X and scale in Y are almost equal
Added ViewportLayout.OrientCamera() to orient the camera using two 3D points
Fixed Mesh.Sweep() for open contours
Fixed AngularDim entity crossing the 360 degrees spot
Added cloning of the Region entity contours inside class constructors
Added support for importing OBJ line elements
Added RevolvedSurf.TransformBy() and improved GetUntrimmed()
Fixed Assembly and Barbeque samples
Fixed blocks with the same name merging in ReadOBJ.FillBlocks()
Added support for transparent background in ViewportLayout.WriteToFileRaster()
Added support for margins in ViewportLayout.PageSetup()
Improved export to DWG/DXF of LinearPath entity, now when it's planar and parallel to XY plane, is exported as Polyline2d object
Increased the number of supported lights to eight
Avoid crash with Text entity when running eyeshot through a windows service
Added drawing of filled polygons in select by polygon modes
Added BlockEx class serialization
Improved accuracy of Mesh.Section() for 3D printing purpose
Added a parameter to Surface.Loft(), SkinU() and SkinV() to split the resulting surface at corners
Improved regeneration speed of Surface entity isocurves
Added support for Blocks in Copy, Cut and Paste operations
Added TextStyleDictionary.Clone() method
Improved import of IGES type 114

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