Added Reset command support in designer property grids
Renamed Utility.DoRectOverlap() method to DoOverlap() and Utility.DoRectOverlap() to DoOverlap2D()
Fixed selection at design time when some items overlaps with ViewportLayout control
Added Utility.ConvexHull2D() method to evaluate convex hull of a set of 2D points
Fixed Text.Clone() for missing font name and style
Fixed move by mouse of Solid3D entity
Fixed tolerance estimation for ViewportLayout.WriteOBJ() and WriteSTL() when tolerance is not specified
Moved Viewport.ViewChanged event at the end of Camera animation
Added Viewport.ViewSaved and ViewRestored events
Fixed Dimension.Clone() for arrows and text location
Fixed Mesh ICurve.Extrude() when meshNatureType.ColorSmooth
Added ViewportLayout.SelectionBoxColors property
Fixed CompositeCurve.IntersectionCircleCircle() for tangent circles
Improved documentation of AnalyticSurf family of classes
Fixed misplaced seam curve in revolved surfaces
Added quadrant object snap in DraftingDemo source code sample
Fixed ViewportLayout.ShowCurveDirection arrows in perspective projection
Added Solid3D.IsClosed property
Improved Curve.Merge() method for tangency conditions
Fixed duplicated triangles issue in Solid3D.ConvertToMesh() method
Fixed analytic hidden lines view of Solid3D objects
Fixed licensing issue in devDept.Geometry when the ViewportLayoyt control is not used
Fixed loading of individual wire curves of QuasiUniformCurve type in STEP import
Fixed Solid3D.Edge.Clone() for missing Parents
Fixed PresetManager settings not persisted to Windows registry
Added support for build number in automatic support ticket creation
Fixed setup on Windows K

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