Added Align3D transformation class
Improved feedback on non supported entities in DWG/DXF import
Fixed bug in FemMesh entity display list compilation
Fixed dynamic zoom bug in perspective projection with empty scene
Fixed missing oblique arrowhead in vector printing
Fixed BoundingBox.LabelFont and LabelColor settings
Improved IGES/STEP import
Fixed parallel execution of entities regeneration for nested BlockReferences
Changed ViewportLayout.FindClosestVertex() for nested BlockReferences, now it returns data related to current BlockReference.
Fixed missing silhouette curves in perspective projection
Improved DraftingDemo source code sample, now it supports curve editing.
Added parallel global stiffness matrix population in FEM solver
Fixed ICurve.GetPointsByLength() for LinearPaths and CompositeCurves entities
Added support for automatic deactivation during uninstall
Added MouseDrag event to ObjectManipulator
Changed ActionMode setting after enabling ObjectManipulator, now it is set to none.
Fixed Grid affected by clipping planes
Fixed OpenGL memory leak in Region object
Added SelectionChangedEventArgs with added/removed list of indices
Fixed writing of LinearDim text position in DWG/DXF
Fixed visualization of vertex indices
Breaking change: Surface.CreatePlanar(Plane, Point3D, Point3D) no longer uses the distance between the plane and the first 3D point.
Fixed FemMesh entity display in Flat display mode
Fixed IGES write of Type 212
Added IGES write of Type 144 for planar, tabulated and revolved surfaces.
Fixed Curve.Intersection() for circles and ellipses parameters and for collinear lines
Added ICurve.SplitAt()
Breaking change: Solid3D.Face.Surface now is of type AnalyticalSurf instead of Surface[], the Face.Parametric[] property was added.
Fixed crash in ViewportLayout.WriteToFileVectorAutodesk() when OriginSymbol label is empty
Fixed vector printing for scaled pens
Added ReadAutodesk.FillTextStyles() like FillLayers() and FillBlocks()
Added Eyeshot.MouseButtonsZPR enum to allow for combinations of mouse buttons for quick actions
Improved Surface.SplitBy() speed
Added Solid3D.Loop type
Fixed Multitouch for remote connections
Added creation of material folder in OBJ write
Fixed ViewportLayout.SetView() rotation center when animate is false
Fixed ViewportLayout.RenderToBitmap() for orthographic projection
Added ToolbarButton.DownImage, HoverImage, DisabledImage, DisableDownImage properties to allow full customization.
Improved IGES Type 100 import, now full arcs are converted to circles.
Added Curve and Surface.Promote(), TryGetPlanar(), TryGetTabulated() and TryGetRevolved() methods
Changed ViewCubeIcon display when rotation is disabled
Removed ViewportLayout.UpdateBoundingBox() method in favor of ViewportLayout.Entities.UpdateBoundingBox()

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