• Fixed selection box border not touching the interior filling bug
  • Improved Sweep command for small sharp angles
  • Added the RegenParams.MaxAngle tessellation control
  • Added override of FindClosestVertex() that returns an HitVertex object with all the information to retrieve the point from a Solid and Solid3D entities
  • Added HiddenLineSettings.WireColorMethod and PolygonColor properties
  • Changed HomeToolBarButton SetView() to set the InitialView value of the active viewport
  • Fixed a RenderToBitmap() issue with transparency in WPF
  • Added Deep Blue and White designer presets
  • Fixed a crash getting the font family for UI elements in WPF
  • Fixed ReadOBJ.ReadTexture() from stream
  • Fixed magnifying glass crash in WPF
  • Fixed issue with relative paths in ProjectConverter
  • Fixed SelectVisibleByPickDinamic bug, was not skipping entities with Selectable as false
  • Added Layer.Locked property to avoid entity selection on the specific layer
  • Fixed a crash in ShowVertexIndices drawing with DirectX renderer
  • Added two overrides of Viewport.SetView() with additional 'animate' parameter
  • Improved compatibility with Intel HD graphics adapters in OpenGL
  • Fixed a crash changing some background properties at design-time in WinForms
  • Fixed design-time crash when adding more than one ViewportLayout control inside to a DockPanel in WPF
  • Fixed a design-time refresh issue in WPF with Visual Studio 2015
  • Added RotateSettings.ShowCenter property
  • Fixed update design-time events for correct refresh of the ViewportLayout control in WPF
  • Added support for importing TabulatedSurface with parametric trim loops in IGES
  • Added new parameter 'skipProxies' to ReadAutodesk class constructors
  • Fixed toolbar positioning when horizontal top center
  • Improved HatchRegion entity rendering
  • Fixed surface curvature map drawing in WPF
  • Fixed crash in Curve with pattern drawing
  • ViewCubeIcon element now sets the proper viewType in the ViewChanged event
  • Fixed ShowCurveDirection when ShowVertices was enabled with DirectX renderer
  • Added leftOver parameter to Solid.ExtrudeAdd(), ExtrudeRemove(), RevolveAdd() and RevolveRemove()
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