• Added HiddenLinesViewSettings.FilterLinesToExport() to export lines with custom logic
  • Fixed EMF export in WPF
  • Added HiddenLinesViewSettings.ScaleLinesToWorld()
  • Fixed drawing of control polygon in planar reflection
  • Fixed Solid3D.Loft() duplicated vertex bug
  • Improved WPF data binding, now the logical tree and the DataContext inheritance are preserved.
  • Fixed sub items selection in Solid3D entity, object silhouettes are not highlighted anymore.
  • Improved loading of STEP files that include BRep and individual surfaces
  • Fixed missing shadow for Region objects
  • Added Surface and Solid3D.ClosestPointTo() to check CMM machines output with 3D geometry
  • Fixed STEP layer import bug
  • Fixed resize Picture entity bug
  • Fixed empty text string in Text entity bug
  • Selection color now uses ViewportLayout.DefaultMaterial settings for properties different from Diffuse
  • Improved AutoCAD SolidHatch import
  • Added support for colors and intensity in ReadLAS
  • Fixed crashing demo programs in WPF only installation
  • Added the ToolBarButtons collection editor to allow default toolbar buttons management at design-time in WinForms
  • Improved speed in entity under the mouse cursor detection
  • Added EntityList.Explode() method
  • Added support for fractional and architectural unit types to linear dimensions
  • Added ReadAutodesk.ExplodeDimensions property to explode dimensions into their sub entities
  • Improved regeneration speed for rigid transformations for Surface and Solid3D objects
  • Improved selection speed on visible selection modes
  • Fixed a crash in ObjectManipulator translation
  • Added special surfaces constructors for serialization purpose only
  • Fixed toolbar buttons tooltips in WPF
  • Added Surface and Solid3D.ExtrudeWithTwist()
  • Fixed missing Microsoft.Kineck.dll issue
  • Fixed a crash with Entity.LinePattern as byParent in DirectX
  • Fixed Plane.AxisZ property setter, now updates AxisX and AxisY properties too.
  • Moved the EntityList.GetStats() to UtilityEx.GetEntitiesStats()
  • Added the ObjectManipulator.Entities property to allow ObjectManipulator customization
  • ViewportLayout.BackgroundSettings.Image is now a dependency property in WPF
  • Added two overrides to Mesh.Section() method
  • Fixed a crash when adding a new Viewport without CoordinateSystemIcon at runtime
  • Deprecated ToolBar.DisabledImage and DisabledDownImage properties
  • Added leftOvers parameter to Solid.CutBy() method
  • Fixed WPF multi-touch coordinates issue
  • Fixed bounding box computation for Attribute objects bug
  • Changed ViewportLayout.FindClosestVertex() and FindClosestVertices() methods, now they both fill the HitVertex.EntityIndex
  • Added ViewportLayoutFindClosestVertices() method
  • Fixed a number of issues related to transparent entities sub item selection in different display modes
  • Fixed FeatureDetection sample in both WinFroms and WPF
  • Fixed missing CameraMoveEnd event when the ActionMode was zoom, pan or rotate
  • Fixed GroupSelection for dynamic selection
  • Added ViewportLayout.FindClosestVertex() override that accepts a specific entity
  • Fixed some memory leaks in ReadAutodesk class
  • Recovered Eyeshot version 8 Solid.Sweep(), new one was not covering all customer cases.
  • Added to SelectionChangedEventArgs sub items selection data
  • Added UtilityEx.DetectRegionsFromContours() method
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