• Added Label.IsClipped() virtual method to avoid clipping by clipping plane
  • Exposed Solid3D.ClearEdgesSelection() and Solid3D.ClearFacesSelection() methods
  • Fixed a crash in MultilineText entity when changing the number of text lines
  • Added the MultilineText.Contents property
  • Improved Block.BasePoint editing
  • Fixed DWG/DXF import of Region entities when transformation is involved
  • Fixed layer "0" propagation in DWG/DXF import
  • Added Legend.GetStringValue() method and AlignValuesVerticalMiddle property to allow legend values customization
  • Fixed OrdinateDim entity selection
  • Fixed Picture entity shadow drawing
  • OpenGL and DirectX renderer lighting is now identical
  • Fixed missing planar shadow in WPF
  • Fixed improper center of rotation bug with antialiasing in WPF
  • Fixed “yellow dots” issue related to some specific graphic adapters
  • Added the ability to draw a completely transparent background in WPF
  • Fixed the selection and zoom window boxes erase other UI elements bug
  • Fixed disabled toolbar buttons drawing
  • Fixed ViewCube icon ring labels drawing
  • Added XOR support for DirectX renderer
  • Added ViewportLayout.Print() and PrintPreview() overrides that accept a new "extents" parameter
  • Fixed the ViewportLayout.Entites.Explode() for duplicated entity issue
  • Added LinearPath.GlobalWidth to create polylines with a fixed-size width
  • Fixed Solid3D entity mirror
  • Fixed silent exception when editing the XAML
  • Fixed printing in landscape mode, the printable area was wrongly adjusted.
  • Improved Solid3D.FlipNormal() method
  • Fixed DirectX renderer spotlight attenuation
  • Renamed SelectedItem.Entity property to EntityIndex
  • Fixed Ctrl key sub item selection with antialiasing
  • Fixed style inheritance issue for Grid, BorderSettings, ProgressBar, ToolBar, ToolBarButton, ViewCube, BackgroundSettting and BoundingBox.
  • Legend.FormatString is now a dependency property
  • Fixed a memory leak fix related to the window closed event in WPF
  • Fixed a crash in Picture.TransformBy()
  • CoordinateSystemBase.LabelOrigin is now a dependency property
  • Added Mesh.FixNormals() method to make mesh triangles winding order uniform
  • Improved circular and Nurbs arc tessellation
  • Added ReadFileAsynch.AddToSceneAsSingleObject() method
  • Fixed a memory leak related to BoundingBox object label
  • OriginSymbol UI element can now be customized as the CoordinateSystemIcon one
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