Breaking changes

The unofficial list of Eyeshot 10 Beta breaking changes can be found below.

Issue Id Summary Description
BC-56 Added lineTypes parameter to WriteAutodesk and AppendAutodesk classes constructors  
BC-52 Changed LayerList.Add() method From public virtual int Add(string layerName, Color color, string materialName) to public virtual int Add(string layerName, Color color, string lineTypeName)
BC-60 Changed Layer class constructor From Layer(string name, Color color, string materialName) to Layer(string name, Color color, string lineTypeName)
BC-46 Renamed UtilityEx.DoOverlapOrTouchConvexHull() method Renamed UtilityEx.DoOverlapOrTouchConvexHull() method as DoOverlapOrTouch()
BC-47 Renamed ConicBar class Renamed ConicBar class as ConicalBar
BC-20 Renamed LightSettings.SpotAngle property Renamed LightSettings.SpotAngle property as SpotHalfAngle
BC-38 Changed signature of Surface.ConvertToMesh(), Solid3D.ConvertToMesh() and Solid3D.ConvertToSolid() Added a new parameter called `normalDev`.
BC-30 Renamed Viewport.Toolbar property Renamed Viewport.Toolbar property as Viewport.Toolbars (collection)
BC-40 Renamed RegenParams.MaxAngle property Renamed RegenParams.MaxAngle property as NormalDeviation
BC-39 Renamed RegenParams.ChordalErr property Renamed RegenParams.ChordalErr property to ChordalError
BC-23 Renamed HiddenLinesView._hdlViewSettings member field Renamed HiddenLinesView._hdlViewSettings member field as HdlViewSettings.
BC-37 Replaced UtilityEx.CopyProperties() method Replaced UtilityEx.CopyProperties() with Entity.CopyAttributes()
BC-34 Renamed devDept.Geometry.Scale class Renamed devDept.Geometry.Scale class to Scaling
BC-35 Renamed Surface.Trimmed property Renamed Surface.Trimmed property to IsTrimmed
BC-36 Renamed Solid3D.IntersectionCurves() method Renamed Solid3D.IntersectionCurves() method as IntersectionLoops()
BC-32 Changed signature of Solid3D.ExtrudeWithTwist() method This override had endCaps as second parameter:

public static Solid3D ExtrudeWithTwist(ICurve curve, Vector3D direction, Point3D center, double angle, double tol, bool endCaps = true)
BC-31 Changed signature of Solid3D.Loft() method This override had endCaps as second parameter:

public static Solid3D Loft(IList<ICurve> curveList, int degree, bool splitAtCorners, bool endCaps)
BC-33 Renamed devDept.Graphics.Texture class Renamed devDept.Graphics.Texture class as devDept.Graphics.OGLTexture
BC-59 Renamed devDept.Graphics.Texture1D class Renamed devDept.Graphics.Texture1D class to devDept.Graphics.OGLTexture1D
BC-25 Renamed and changed return value of Text.ConvertToLinearPath() method Text.ConvertToLinearPath() methods were renamed to Text.ConvertToLinearPaths().
They now return LinearPath arrays instead of Entity arrays.
BC-26 Renamed and changed return value of Text.ConvertToCurve() method Text.ConvertToCurve() methods were renamed to Text.ConvertToCurves().
They now return ICurve arrays (curves or composite curves) instead of Entity arrays.
BC-29 Renamed and changed return value of EntityList.ConvertToLinearPath() method EntityList.ConvertToLinearPath() methods were renamed to EntityList.ConvertToLinearPaths().
They now return LinearPath arrays instead of Entity arrays.
BC-28 Renamed Text.ConvertToRegion() method Text.ConvertToRegion() methods were renamed to Text.ConvertToRegions().
BC-27 Renamed Text.ConvertToSurface() method Text.ConvertToSurface() methods were renamed to Text.ConvertToSurfaces().
BC-21 Added ViewportLayout.Units property All WriteFileAsyncWithAttributes derived classes, when used in conjunction with a constructor accepting a ViewportLayout parameter, now use the ''ViewportLayout.Units''.
BC-24 WorkUnit.Unlock() method removed Even if the ViewportLayout control is not needed, the developer needs to instantiate its class and call `ViewportLayout.Unlock()` once to avoid licensing issues.
BC-19 Renamed WriteFileAsynch class Renamed WriteFileAsynch class as WriteFileAsync
BC-18 Renamed ReadFileAsynch class Renamed ReadFileAsynch class as ReadFileAsync
BC-45 Changed signatures of Entity.CombineBoundingBox() method Now it is Point3D[] EstimateBoundingBox(Dictionary<string, Block> blocks)
BC-55 Changed signatures of Entity.EstimateBoundingBox() method Now it is Point3D[] EstimateBoundingBox(Dictionary<string, Block> blocks)
BC-43 Replaced Entity.LineTypePattern property with LineTypeName ent.LineTypePattern = new float[] {...}


viewportLayout1.LineTypes.Add("myLineTypeName", new float[] {...});
curve.LineTypeName = "myLineTypeName";
BC-58 Changed signature of BlockReference.Draw<T, Q>() method Changed signature of BlockReference.Draw<T, Q>(...) to BlockReference.Draw<T>(...)
BC-57 Renamed AttributeReference.LineTypePattern property Renamed AttributeReference.LineTypePattern property to AttributeReference.LineTypeName
BC-54 Changed definition of HiddenLinesView.Segment.Parents property Now it is of type Stack<BlockReference>
BC-50 Changed leftOver parameter type in Surface.Fillet() and Chamfer() methods The out List<Surface> leftOverF and leftOverG were converted to out Surface[] leftOverF and leftOverG
BC-48 Removed the BoundingBox.TextSuffix property Now units are back in ViewportLayout control and we display it in bbox label
BC-42 Removed protected member fields from ReadFileAsync class They all become properties with the same name (capital letter) a part from `entList` that was renamed to `Entities`.

protected Stream stream;
protected string path;
protected string fileName;
protected Entity[] entList;
protected bool result;
BC-41 File export needs a tolerance or geometry loaded File export needs a tolerance or geometry loaded otherwise Eyeshot will crash. Working with chordalError = 0 now means use current tessellation and current tessellation is present only when geometry is on screen.
BC-55 Renamed RenderContextBase.PushShaders() / PopShaders() methods Renamed RenderContextBase.PushShaders() / PopShaders() methods as RenderContextBase.PushShader() / PopShader()
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