• Fixed proprietary file format to support files generated from different Eyeshot product editions
  • Fixed bug in FemMesh section colors
  • Added ViewportLayout.Purge() method and WriteFileParams.Purge property
  • Fixed AttributeReference visibility status
  • Fixed crash with OriginSymbol style as CoordinateSystem
  • Fixed OrientedBoundingBox for scale factors different from one
  • Added setter for Curve and Surface Degree, KnotVector and ControlPoints properties
  • Fixed WriteFileAsync constructor that accepts layer list and block dictionary as parameters
  • Added support for individual surfaces inside a block STEP writing
  • Fixed exception for Text entity using SHX fonts and line pattern
  • Fixed selected items count in SelectionChanged event for SelectVisibleByPickDynamic action mode
  • Improved tessellation of curves with repeated control points and some knots very close to a repeated one
  • Fixed crash related to clipping plane activation or mouse cursor ViewCube interaction during background work
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