• Added FastPointCloud.IsValid() method
  • Fixed Solid3D.ConvertToMesh() for Solid3D with different color on some faces
  • Restored ViewportLayout.GetEntityUnderMouseCursor() during Zoom/Pan/Rotate
  • Fixed memory leak adding the ViewportLayout to a TabControl in WPF control
  • Fixed writing of Mesh and Solid objects in STEP file format
  • Added Clone() method to IFC entities
  • Added CollisionDetection.CoincidenceAsCollision property to handle coincidence as collision or not
  • Fixed letter space during Text.ConvertToCurves() for SHX fonts
  • Added support for OVER_RIDING_STYLED_ITEM in STEP file import
  • Fixed Solid3D.WriteOBJ when material is involved
  • BlockReference.Explode() method now brings over XData too
  • Fixed Zoom/Pan/Rotate when the ViewportLayout control has no focus
  • Region constructors now clone the Plane parameter
  • Fixed exception on hidden ViewCubeIcon when cursor is over and visibility changes
  • Fixed broken accurate transparency
  • Fixed infinite loop in Mesh.SplitDisjoint() if the last triangle results in a separate mesh
  • Fixed FastPointCloud entity with ColorArray representing intensity
  • Fixed mouse button handling for mouseButtonsZPR.LeftRight and others
  • Fixed import of lemon and apple toroidal surfaces
  • Renamed Transformation.Scale() methods to Scaling()
  • FastPointCloud.Subdivide() now mantains colors and intensities
  • Fixed disappearing BlockReferences in ObjectManipulator source code sample
  • Fixed broken realistic shadows
  • Fixed memory leak when the background style was set as image
  • Improved ObjectManipulator.Transformation property setter to support clipping plane edit
  • Fixed RegenMode as NotNeeded in Compile() method of various entities
  • Fixed crash with custom ObjectManipulator
  • ReadAutodesk, added support for Region types to Professional edition
  • Fixed CubicSplineInterpolation() with 3 points and 2 end tangents
  • Added EntityList.CombineByColor() experimental method for 3D graphics speed tests
  • Added UtilityEx.GetRevisionCloud() method
  • Fixed WPF multi-touch for focus got only after the first tap
  • Fixed surface style import in ReadIFC class
  • Improved computation of OBB
  • Fixed ConicalSurf.CreateSurface() for wrong computation of the cone tip
  • Fixed Block.RegenAllCurved() for LinearDim inside a Block
  • Improved Octree.UpdateRayPlacement() for ViewportLayout.FindClosestTriangle()
  • Fixed logic of yAxisUp import in EyeshotDemo sample
  • Fixed missing refresh on WPF native mode
  • Fixed OBB creation for Solid3D with zero vertices
  • Fixed multi-touch in WPF to prevent dynamic movements when mouse cursor is outside the
  • ViewportLayout control
  • Added ImportFileAddOn class to Open and Import dialogs in source code samples
  • Fixed SURFACE_STYLE_USAGE in STEP file writing
  • Improved ProjectConverter tool to show filenames for each project during the conversion
  • Added IIfcEntity.Axes property to ReadIFC class
  • Fixed WriteAutodesk class to avoid duplicated Paper_Space blocks
  • Excluded meshes with natureType.Undefined from Mesh.SplitBy() method
  • Fixed line weight export in WriteAutodesk class, added property for LineWeightUnits and set Millimeters as default
  • Fixed disappearing CancelButton during parallel execution


Still depending on Windows XP?

A .NET Framework 4.0 build of Eyeshot v11 is now available for WinForms/OpenGL only, without DWG/DXF and designer support. For those interested, please ask the binaries creating a technical support ticket.

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