Eyeshot file format thumbnail handler

You can extract the thumbnail icon from the Eyeshot proprietary file format with the below code

Bitmap thumb = UtilityEx.ConvertBytesToImage(new ReadFile(fileName, true).GetThumbnail());

For example, you can use it to create your own shell thumbnail providers as explained in this codeproject tutorial.

[COMServerAssociation(AssociationType.FileExtension, ".eye")]
public class EyeThumbnailHandler : SharpThumbnailHandler
    protected override Bitmap GetThumbnailImage(uint width)
        return new ReadFile(SelectedItemStream, true).GetThumbnail((int)width);

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  • Hi, where can I find Eyeshot Version 12 download? I only can download Version 11 in my account.

  • Hi Joe,

    it is still a work in progress, the Beta version should be available in September/October 2018.

    You can check the roadmap here.



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