• Renamed UtilityEx.GetRevsionCloudFromICurve() method to GetRevisionCloud()
  • Added entity and line number in ReadSTEP.Log content
  • Fixed Legend.Lighting property value in empty Legend constructor
  • Improved tessellation for almost Ruled surfaces
  • Replaced experimental ViewportLayout.Entities.CombineByColor() method with ViewportLayout.FastZPR switch. Added support for MultiLineText, Region, Surface objects and Mesh with no edges. Added support for mouse wheel and all display modes.
  • Added UtilityEx.CheckDataIntegrity() method
  • Fixed OGL.ReadRgbValues() when reading from back buffer
  • Fixed a ViewportLayout.StartWork() method memory leak
  • Fixed STEP writing of Solid3D.Face color
  • Improved quality of openings boolean operations in IFC import
  • Added partial support for OpenType fonts
  • Fixed BlockReference support in WebGL export
  • Added ReadASC.SkipInvalidLines and PointSize properties
  • Added Transformation class equality members
  • Added new buttons in MachineSimulator source code sample
  • Changed ViewportLayout.CreateReferenceImage() view fit when viewType.Other
  • Improved speed of SelectTriangle source code sample for visible triangles selection
  • Fixed Region.ConvertToMesh() when tolerance is zero
  • Fixed viewports resize for Stacked layout mode in WPF control
  • Fixed Solid inside Block write in IGES file format
  • Fixed Surface.TryGetPlanar() in case of two coincident control points
  • Added Rocket source code sample
  • Added thickness management for Autodesk Solid entity
  • Added check for self-intersection in Region.IsValid() method
  • Fixed curves layer in STEP import
  • Fixed Mesh.CutBy() for zero inner loops in the caps
  • Fixed non-uniform Mesh from UtilityEx.Triangulate(). Removed the minimumAngle parameter with default value.
  • Fixed wrong selection color in HiddenLines display mode and ViewportLayout.Backface.ColorMethod as SingleColor
  • Added CompareDWG source code sample
  • Improved reading of lines defined as vectors in STEP import
  • Fixed boolean operations of non-uniform scaled Solid objects
  • Added support for Clipping & Capping on multiple planes
  • Added AngularDim.UnderlyingArc readonly property
  • Fixed ViewportLayout.CompileText() for the latest Windows 10 1803 update
  • Improved DraftingDemo source code sample to properly transform text, dimension and leader objects.
  • Added IFC header control to quickly detect if the stream is from a zip source
  • Improved Solid.ConvertToMesh() to preserve texture
  • Fixed crash on LinearPath with global width drawing during zoom
  • Fixed layer linetype import in DWG/DXF import
  • Fixed WriteFile class file truncation when the application is closed during a writing operation
  • Fixed crash in AssemblyBrowser source code sample delete from TreeView item
  • Added TreeView in PerformanceStudio source code sample
  • Fixed scan image scaling in VolumeRendering source code sample
  • Fixed a memory leak related to ObjectManipulator geometry
  • Fixed moving Solid object after a failed boolean operation
  • Added Support tab to EyeshotTools application to simplify technical support ticket creation
  • Improved ViewportLayout.CopyTo() method to copy Solid object textures
  • Fixed PolyRegion2D.Union() method bug. In some cases, an additional region was returned.
  • Added support for IfcGrid and IfcAnnotation to ReadIFC class
  • Fixed ICurve.GetPointsByLength() method for duplicated vertices and arcs with very small angle
  • Fixed OrdinateDim entity selection
  • Fixed Mesh octree after transformation
  • Added CollisionDetection2D, QuadTree and OrientedBoundingRect classes.
  • Fixed SharpDX graphics adapter exception for the latest Windows 10 1803 update
  • Added continuous progress bar for visual feedback during proprietary file format async read and write
  • Enforced ViewportLayout.Unlock() call requirement for each new control
  • Fixed curve with pattern drawing when Entity.LinetypeScale is different from one



Breaking changes related to CollisionDetection feature:

Changed Entity.OrientedBBox from OrientedBoundingBox Entity.OrientedBBox to OrientedBoundingRect Entity.OrientedBounding

Moved collisionCheckType enum from CollisionDetection class to CollisionDetection2D

collisionCheckType enum items renaming:

  • from OBB to OB (can be OrientedBoundingRect or OrientedBoundingBox)
  • from Octree to SubdivisionTree (can be QuadTree or Octree)
  • from OBWithOctree to OBWithSubdivisionTree (can be OrientedBoundingRect+QuadTree or OrientedBoundingBox+Octree)


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