• Fixed crash writing an entity with another entity inside EntityData with proprietary file format
  • Added Size return value to ViewportLayout.DrawText() method overloads
  • Improved continuous progress bar animation
  • Improved speed of Solid3D booleans involving tabulated surfaces
  • Fixed ticket creation tool for latest changes to Zendesk API security requirements
  • Added auto-save feature to ticket creation tool
  • Fixed FastZPR slow down in Flat and HiddenLines display modes
  • Improved triangulation of planar surfaces with inner contours tangent to the outer one
  • Improved accuracy of BlockReference.EstimateBoundingBox() when hidden entities are present
  • Fixed static Solid3D entity edges during ObjectManipulator edit
  • Added support for Face.Color in Solid3D boolean operations
  • Added leftovers parameter in Solid3D.Remove() method overloads
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