• Removed WPF version of sample custom controls and unified the namespace as devDept.CustomControls
  • Fixed crash on import of linetypes with reserved name in ReadAutodesk class
  • Added LayerListView, LinetypesListView, MaterialListView, BlockListView, TextStylesListView, TableTabControl and FemUserControl to sample custom controls.
  • Fixed OutOfMemory exception in WriteWebGL class
  • Added support for CustomSynchronizationContext to WinForms/C# code samples (detailed discussion here
  • Fixed export of individual curves in STEP file format
  • Fixed toolbar button drawing when antialiasing is active and OS scaling level is 100%
  • Added FemMesh clipping to FemDemo sample
  • Improved Mesh section using Octree
  • Fixed camera settings in WritePDF class
  • Fixed formatting of sheets scale attribute
  • Fixed selection rectangle for slices smaller than 512x512 in VolumeRendering code sample
  • Fixed multitouch Pan/Zoom behavior on higher screen DPI
  • Fixed triangles print bug in HiddenLineView class
  • Fixed triangles scaling bug in HiddenLinesViewOnClipboard class
  • Added Grid.ActualMin and ActualMax properties
  • Fixed patient position in VolumeRendering class
  • Fixed line pattern scale of hidden lines in Drawings environment
  • Added IgnoreCase to name comparison of WriteIGES and WriteSTEP classes
  • Fixed realistic shadow flickering with complex scene graphs bug
  • Fixed view scale edit in Drawings environment
  • Added export of sheets with custom paper size to WriteAutodesk class
  • Added option to save geometry or tessellation in WritePDF class
  • Added parallel execution to MarchingCubes and MarchingSquares classes
  • Updated OpenDesign libraries to version 20.5
  • Added ReadDWF class
  • Improved collision detection speed introducing parallelism, a new triangle-triangle intersection algorithm and some transformation optimizations.
  • Fixed export of Standard text style in WriteAutodesk class
  • Fixed print of Text, Pictures and Region with empty drawing in HiddenLinesView class
  • Added UtilityEx.GetLinesTangentToCircleFromPoint() method to compute tangent lines to a circle from an external point
  • Added materials support to ReadAutodesk, WriteAutodesk and WritePDF classes
  • Complete re-design of PaperSpace sample
  • Fixed crash during dock/undock operations for a WPF based app called from a VB6 project
  • Fixed TextStyleKeyedCollection.ChangeEntitiesRegenMode() method not supporting Table case
  • Fixed Turbo support for Joint and Bar entities
  • Fixed cutting of vector and raster views with a window
  • Fixed issue with custom legend values in WPF 
  • Fixed HiddenLinesView.CutTriangles() method with rectangle parameter
  • Rolled back Text.Simplify and MultilineText.Simplify default value
  • Fixed import of the position of sheet entities in ReadAutodesk class
  • Fixed issue when Legend.Lighting was set equal to True via XAML
  • Improved object snap speed for BlockReference in DraftingDemo code sample
  • Removed Matrix class from control (duplicated of Geometry.Matrix).
  • Extended ReadAutodesk.Simplify to all use cases
  • Added overload method EnvironmentBase.GetMousePosition() to take in account the DPI scaling  duringdrag and drop
  • Fixed Brep export by using parametric surface data for cylindrical and Nurbs surfaces in WriteAutodesk class
  • Added support for IfcSurfaceCurveSweptAreaSolid, IfcCenterLineProfileDef and IfcDerivedProfileDef representations.
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