• Fixed crash for empty linetype pattern
  • Fixed duplicated transformation issue in accurate collision detection
  • Added speedChange parameter into Solid3D and Surface.Loft() to split on tangent segments
  • Changed Arc.SubCurve(). For 360 degrees arcs with parameters close to the domain ends we return a clone of the original arc
  • Fixed lag when the Eyeshot WPF control is unloaded. Fixed multitouch crash when it's unloaded and loaded again.
  • Fixed crash loading some SHX fonts
  • Fixed HiddenLinesView crash when dimension height is zero.
  • Fixed reading of the active viewport in ReadAutodesk class
  • Improved speed of BlockReference.IsInFrustum() method when many entities are involved
  • Fixed UtilityEx.DetectRegionFromContours() method for planes different from XY
  • Fixed wrong parent transformation assignment for collisionCheckType.OB
  • D3DRenderContext.FindBestAdapter() method now skips the Microsoft Basic Render Driver adapter unless it's the only one available
  • Fixed crash in UserInterfaceRoutedEventHandler
  • Fixed crash when Viewport is destroyed and recreated
  • Fixed missing refresh changing Viewport dependency properties
  • Fixed Surface.Blend() in case the two involved edges are lines
  • Fixed Polyline3d and PolyFaceMesh import in DWG import
  • Improved Region.IsPointInside() method when many holes are present
  • Fixed Solid.SplitBy() method. It was returning always the┬ásame side of the┬ásplit.
  • Added a recursive method for RotateToFace button handler in EyeshotDemo source code sample to support BlockReference entity.
  • Added experimental faster reading algorithm to ReadLAS class. Added support for classification format type.
  • Fixed duplicated ticket opening in EyeshotTools
  • Fixed Solid3D.Ruled() face sense
  • Updated Teigha binaries to resolve a ClickOnce's deployment issue
  • Improved face quality in Solid3D.Ruled() method
  • Added IfcLinearPath entity to import IfcFastener elements
  • Added face color support to Solid3D.ConvertToSurface()
  • Fixed missing root BlockReference transformation after STEP write/read operations
  • Added a Surface.Curvature() overload that returns the curvature principal directions
  • Fixed import of elements with duplicated properties in ReadIFC class
  • Added support of dimension tolerance negative value to allow plus-plus tolerances
  • Fixed polyline writing in DWG/DXF. If the curve is closed, last vertex is not written.
  • Fixed Viewport.SetView() overload not using the animate parameter
  • Fixed crash into Region.CreateHexagon() when the sketch plane is not XY
  • Improved linear and docked continuous progress bar animation
  • Fixed ObjectManipulator drawing overwriting ViewCube one issue
  • Improved ObjectManipulator rotation actions
  • Fixed crash with visible ViewCube in the designer
  • Fixed issue when the Entity.EntityData property is assigned to an entity in proprietary file format
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