Create points with a different shape (v11)

Tired of squared Point entities? Here there are few tricks to build points with the shape you want.

First solution: using ImageOnly (Label)

An easy solution is to use an ImageOnly with a texture with transparent borders:

Bitmap bmp1 = new Bitmap(@"pointImage.png");
int halfW = bmp1.Size.Width / 2;
int halfH = bmp1.Size.Height / 2;
ImageOnly img = new ImageOnly(10, 20, 0, bmp1, halfW, halfW);
ImageOnly img2 = new ImageOnly(50, 80, 0, bmp1, halfW, halfH);

Second solution: creating a Picture ZoomInvariant

A little bit more complicated solution is to follow the instructions in the Zoom invariant / Position Invariant entity article (with the appropriate changes if using Eyeshot 11) and extend the class Picture initialized with a texture with the same characteristics described in the previous solution.

Attached you can find a texture of a circle and a sample for the second solution.

Previous versions: Eyeshot 9

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