Migrating from version 12

We recommend taking a full backup of your project(s) including your existing Eyeshot 12 DLLs. To migrate your Eyeshot 12 based application to Eyeshot 2020, follow the steps below:

  1. Try to compile your existing project
  2. Run the Project Converter tool
  3. In case of failure:
    a) search for the "TODO devDept" text in your entire Visual Studio solution
    b) check the ProjectConverter log file for errors
    c) check the Breaking Changes list



If you get the following error loading the project:

Please edit the project file, fill the <HintPath> with the absolute path of the Eyeshot DLLs and try again.

For example, migrating from Eyeshot 12 to Eyeshot 2020, change

<Reference Include="devDept.Eyeshot.Control.v12">


<Reference Include="devDept.Eyeshot.Control.v12">
<HintPath>C:\Program Files\devDept Software\Eyeshot Ultimate 12\Bin\devDept.Eyeshot.Control.v12.dll</HintPath>

In case of migration from older versions, you may want to check this article.



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  • Hi, I am trying to Migrate Eyeshot 11 to Eyeshot2020.

    But convert tool says that "Error: Eyeshot 12 is not detected. This project refers to Eyeshot 11."

    Please tell me how to fix it.

    Regards Misha.

  • The converter is very good and saved me some trouble. Great work!

    Just a few comments (maybe this helps you to improve the converter even more):

    The converter converts usages of grouped Regexes (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.text.regularexpressions.match.groups) :

    var regex = new Regex("(...)(...)");
    var match = regex.Match(s);
    //TODO devDept: Now groups are controlled by the Block.
    //var matches = match.Groups;
    var matches = match.CurrentBlock.Groups;

    The converter adds the unused using "using devDept.Graphics;" to many files.

    The converter doesn't change "SmallSize" and "HideSmall" usages. It could comment it out and add a comment like this : //TODO devDept: Now you need to use Model.ActiveViewport.SmallSizeRatio

  • Hi Andreas,

    Thanks a lot for the hints, we will check them.


    "The converter adds the unused using "using devDept.Graphics;" to many files."

    This point is not so clear to me, do you mind opening a support ticket with details about it, please?


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