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  • Hi Alice,

    For any doubt or issue regarding the product you can also open a support ticket.

    To customize the logo you should derive the Sheet Class and return your own entities as follows:

    class MySheet : Sheet
        MySheet(Sheet another) : base(another)


        protected override Entity[] CreateTitleBlock(double borderWidth, Color color, float lineWeight = 0.15)
           // your title block: return the list of entity of you title block
          // return base.CreateTitleBlock(); // do not call the base       

        protected override Entity[] GetLogo()
           // your logo: return the list of entity of you logo (you can usee a Picture entity for a raster image)
          // return base.GetLogo(); // do not call the base
  • Hello, this feature is really great! I just don't understand how to change the logo?


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