How to selectively pick additional geometry without using CTRL key?

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The ViewportLayout allows the user to selectively pick additional parts of a drawing when the ActionType is set to actionType.SelectByPick and the user presses the CTRL key while left clicking the mouse. As long as the CTRL is held down, the user can selectively pick additional geometry. That works very well however we have cases where the user would prefer to not have to press the CTRL key to selectively pick additional parts of the drawing.
Is there a way to have the ViewportLayout assume that the CTRL is always pressed when selectively picking geometry without the user having to press it? This would be helpful for example when the user is running the application on a tablet that has no keyboard. Is there a property that can be set to allow this behavior?
To simulate the pressure of the CTRL key, just set:
 ViewportLayout.MultipleSelection = true;
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