Is possible to use Eyeshot without User Interface?

Yes, of course. You simply need to create and unlock the UI control even if you don't use it.

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  • Please clarify:
    So Winforms and other UI dll's are not needed, and this can be run on an azure service VM that has no knowledge of UI's ? (i.e. no popup's for messageBox etc?)

  • I am also interested in this. Is there any answer for this question? The power to user the Eyeshot library in virtual environment would be greatly helpful for some time consuming applications.

  • What I have found is that it will run as an exe service in a Windows VM that has .net48 installed.
    All the eyeshot dll's that would be needed for a winform app are still needed (In order for the conversion etc to take place), but just running as a service / webjob / exe.
    1) Create a winform App

    2) add the steps that require whatever you need from the eyeshot dll's in separate dll that the winform app hosts.

    3) test

    4) then host the dll and call from a standard .net48 console app

    5) then host in whatever is needed to run in your target windows environment.


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