How can I use ClippingPlane to cut the geometry or get the intersection curves?

You can use ClippingPlane to: 

Cut the geometry

  • cut a geometry:

    For Surfaces:
    Surface.TrimBy(ClippingPlane.Plane, 0.1);
  • split a geometry:

    Mesh.SplitBy(ClippingPlane.Plane, out Mesh[] splits);

    Solid.SplitBy(ClippingPlane.Plane, out Solid[] splitF, out Solid[] splitG);

    Brep(Solid3D).SplitBy(ClippingPlane.Plane, out Brep[] left, out Brep[] right);

    Surface.SplitBy(ClippingPlane.Plane, 0.1, out Surface[] splitsF, out Surface[] splitsG);

 Get the intersection curves

Mesh/Solid/Brep(Solid3D)/Surface.Section(model1.ClippingPlane1.Plane, 0.01);


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  • Matteo, maybe I am missing something simple, but is it possible to get intersection point(s) of an ICurve & Plane?

  • Hi James,

    You can create a PlanarSurface and use the IntersectWith(ICurve,Double) method.

  • Why is `Mesh/Solid/Brep(Solid3D)/Surface.Section(model1.ClippingPlane1.Plane, 0.01);`

    Really slow?
    Is there not a faster way to identify what objects have been cut and not modify them (i.e. unlike the other API's described)

  • Hi Simon,

    Please open a ticket with the details of your issue.


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