• Fixed the duplicated contours clone issue inside one Region class constructor
  • Fixed missing mouse events for Viewports different from first
  • Fixed export of surfaces with poles in WriteAutodesk class
  • Fixed missing FastZPR during multitouch gestures
  • Fixed Surface.ConvertToBrep() method
  • Added missing dispose of CameraChanged event timer
  • Fixed code syntax for VStudio 2012 compatibility in PaperSpace sample
  • Changed the Model.Entities.MaxComplexity default value to int.MaxValue (disabled)
  • Added FastZPR buttons on EyeshotDemo and DraftingDemo samples
  • Removed the useless Sheet.Scale property
  • Improved EyeshotDemo and DraftingDemo layer management
  • Fixed issue with UI symbol visibility status in Visual Control designer
  • Fixed trimmed curve import in ReadIFC class
  • Added max internal gap value to CompositeCurve.Dump()
  • Fixed missing curve color in ReadSTEP class
  • A number of small fixes to FastZPR for annotations and for items with color method as byParent
  • Added WriteAutodeskParams.CurveAsFitSpline property
  • Fixed export of transparent black layers in WriteAutodesk
  • Added WritePRC class
  • Fixed crash on machines with a double graphics adapter
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