🌶️ Breaking Changes in Eyeshot version 2021

This page lists the important behavior and API changes that were introduced in this version. If you already have projects using devDept products, you will need to peruse this list in order to understand the changes you might need to make to your source code to support this new release.


What's New

To learn about what's new in this version, please refer to the following page: What's New

  • Hatch entity 
  • BOM and Balloons
  • Improved VectorView selection
  • ArcDimension import from DWG/DXF
  • Multi-file read/write
  • Lazy loading
  • Updated the Eyeshot proprietary file format to version 8
  • Manufacture environment with classes for defining milling setups, tools, 2x and 3x milling strategies, leads & ramps, and stocks.
  • SimulationStock entity and material removal simulation
  • Accurate collision detection went under a complete refactoring and now is much faster (up to 40x)
  • ReadPDF class to import vector drawings from PDF documents
  • Redesigned Eyeshot control resize
  • ObjectManipulator label
  • WorkManager, an asynchronous WorkUnit queue manager.
  • NVidia Grid support
  • Improved small text rendering


Breaking Changes

BC-137 Removed the RadialDim.ShowCenterMark property Now we show the center mark only if CenterMarkSize is greater than 0.
BC-138 Hatch entity
  • Removed ReadAutodesk.SkipHatches and ReadAutodesk.HatchImportMode properties.
  • Changed ReadAutodesk constructors signature, removed the skipHatches and hatchImportMode parameters.
  • Removed HatchRegion class.
  • Changed UtilityEx.GetEntitiesStats() signature, added the hatchPatterns parameter.
BC-139 Black layers in Autodesk export

Black layers are now exported according to the WriteAutodeskParams.Foreground property, therefore as black by default. Previously they were always saved as foreground color (AutoCAD color index 7).

BC-140 Removed the "virtual" keyword from the Entity.Selected property Entity.Selected is no longer virtual.
BC-141 Removed ReadFile.FileHeaderInfo property Removed ReadFile.FileHeaderInfo property. Use the GetFileInfo() method instead.
BC-142 AddToScene / AddToSceneAsSingleObject
  • Removed all AddToSceneAsSingleObject methods.
  • Removed overloading method AddToScene that accepts layer and color as parameters.
  • Removed optional parameters removeJittering and blockName from AddToScene method.
BC-143 Removed Entity.IsSmall() method Entity.IsSmall() has been removed.
BC-144 Renamed BoundingBox class to BoundingBoxSettings BoundingBox class has been renamed as BoundingBoxSettings.
BC-145 Removed queue handling from ViewBuilder class in favor of the new class WorkManager Removed ViewBuilder.operatingType enum.
BC-146 Renamed Sheet.IsDirty property to HasChanged. Sheet.IsDirty has been renamed as HasChanged.
BC-147 Renamed LinePattern class to LineType
  • Renamed LinePattern to LineType
  • Renamed LinePatternSurrogate to LineTypeSurrogate
  • Renamed LinePatternEx to LineTypeEx
  • Renamed LinePatternExSurrogate to LineTypeExSurrogate
BC-148 Removed ReadAutodesk.Layouts property ReadAutodesk.Layouts property has been removed.
BC-149 Line entity is now compiled Line entity, like the other wire entities, is now compiled and not drawn on the fly. If you change the coordinates of its vertices, you have to regenerate the line to see the update.
BC-150 Removed CollisionDetection2D.GetCollisionVolumes property Now, to get the collision volume, you can call the method CollisionDetection2D.ComputeIntersectionVolume() at the end of the CollisionDetection2D.DoWork().
BC-151 Renamed WritePDF to Write3DPDF and WritePdfParams to Write3DPdfParams WritePDF has been renamed as Write3DPDF and WritePdfParams has been renamed as Write3DPdfParams.
BC-152 Removed active viewport's properties from Model Since they were only a shortcut for the active viewport's ones, we removed the following public properties from Model: Rotate, Zoom, Pan, DisplayMode, InitialView, Camera, ShowVertices, ShowVertexIndices, VertexSize, AutoHideLabels, Labels, ShowLabels.
BC-154 Protobuf Serializer.SetProtobufModel() method is now protected instead of public.
BC-155 Removed Brep.ConvertToFemMesh() method Brep.ConvertToFemMesh() has been removed.
BC-157 OriginSymbol labels Replaced OriginSymbol.LabelColor property with LabelColorName, LabelColorX, LabelColorY and LabelColorZ.
BC-158 IFC properties IfcMeasureValue and ifcPhysicalQuantity properties are now loaded as Tuple<string, double> with the unit type as the first item.
BC-159 GetPointsForBb() The Region.GetPointsForBb() method was renamed to Region.GetPointsForConvexHull()
BC-160 Manufacture simulation speed The property Manufacture.SimulationSpeed now refers to the real speed of the end mill during the simulation, measured in world units per second.


Eyeshot version 2021 is based on .NET Framework 4.8


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  • Hi,

    I was using Brep.ConvertToFemMeshTria in earlier Versions. Where did that conversion method go?

    Was this removed earlier and if not, why is this not in you list of breaking changes?

  • Hi Martin,

    this list contains the breaking changes between Eyeshot 2020 and Eyeshot 2021. The method Brep.ConvertToFemMeshTria() was available in the beta version of Eyeshot 2021, but it was not included in the official release.
    As discussed via ticket, you can replace it by calling Regen() with a fixed maxLength followed by ConvertToMesh().

  • Don't wanna start a bit discussion, here. This must have been a simple oversight, and that can happen even though maybe it shouldn't.
    Your support guys gave me a workaround, I can use for now so I don't have to stop on my current development task. Although I cannot really control precision using that workaround, but at least I can continue until your new meshing algo is finished.

    But before posting, please check your own documentation: http://documentation.devdept.com/2020/topic_0000000000001B4F.html

    I think I did not imagine using this with EyeShot 2020, already ;)

    Best regards

  • Hi Martin,

    Brep.ConvertToFemMeshTria() was indeed available only in the beta version of Eyeshot 2021.
    As for Brep.ConvertToFemMesh(), you are right. It was public in Eyeshot 2020 and it's no longer available in Eyeshot 2021, sorry. We added a breaking change for this, thank you for reporting it.

  • Hello,

    Is there the NDepend breaking change reports like with the previous versions?



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