• Fixed face sense for non-uniform Brep scaling
  • Added UtilityEx.GetLinesTangentToTwoCircles() method
  • Fixed and speed up the handling of Apple, Lemon and Vortex shaped toroidal surfaces.
  • Fixed wrong computation of OrientedEdge sense during Brep mirror and union
  • Fixed Environment.PageSetup() method accepting PaperSize instead of PaperKind as parameter. Added optional landscape parameter.
  • Added MultiTouchSettings.OverlappingElements to allow touch gesture on overlapping controls in WPF Native renderer.
  • Fixed formatting of text for table cells in ReadAutodesk class
  • Improved FastZPR speed of an order of magnitude. Added Model.Turbo settings with options to further simplify FastZPR representation.
  • Improved Eyeshot control resize, now it uses FastZPR representation when available.
  • Improved file thumbnail image quality
  • Added selectability at instance level
  • Complete refactoring of the AssemblyBrowser sample, now called AssemblyDemo.
  • Added AssemblyTreeView control inside custom controls
  • Added CustomControls.Win and CustomControls.Wpf projects to support the new AssemblyTreeView control
  • Fixed SurfaceSection sample for missing layer bug
  • Added managing of MappedRepresentation for IfcOpeningsElement
  • Fixed UtilityEx.GetListOfConnectedCurves() method
  • Fixed restore Face.Plane/planeAlreadySet default values after a Brep transformation
  • Refactoring of Arc and EllipticalArc classes methods overrides
  • Improved Model.SaveFile() method, now it stores the complete file path.
  • Fixed openings computation and increased default deviation for IfcReinforcingBar elements in ReadIFC class
  • Fixed FPS text drawing for NativeExperimental renderer
  • Fixed missing redrawing at the camera's end animation event in NativeExperimental renderer
  • Fixed expiration date for subscriptions longer than 12 months in EyeshotTools application
  • Fixed issue saving Model.DefaultMaterial via WinForms designer
  • Marked KeyChanged event NonSerialized for KeyedCollection items to prevent BinaryFormatter serialization issues
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2019
  • Added export of primitive surfaces in WriteAutodesk class
  • Fixed issue with Actipro WPF docking control when Eyeshot control is undocked and re-docked
  • Fixed Surface.ConvertToBrep() method
  • Push down AciColors property from WriteDatabaseParams to WriteAutodeskParams class
  • Added support for transparent color in WriteAutodesk class
  • Added option to specify the PDF render mode in WritePDF class
  • Rolled back changes to WPF Native renderer, now we always listen to the CompositionTarget.Rendering events like in previous Eyeshot versions.
  • Fixed Brep writing in WriteAutodesk class.
  • Fixed DropLoops class on some periodical surfaces
  • Removed redundant clone inside Region copy constructor
  • Fixed UI elements mouse events for additional viewports
  • Removed Transformation.TransformPoint() method


Breaking Changes

  • Added support for non-connected segment constraints in UtilityEx.Triangulate() method. Updated DelaunayTriangulation sample.
  • Changed color computation of non-current entities, to restore the original one you need to override the following devDept.Eyeshot.Environment class method:
protected internal override Color ComputeNonCurrentEntityColor(Entity entity, Color color, bool edge = false)
   // We are unable to treat black here, so we set gray manually. Added to draw edges of non-current assembly components in HiddenLines display mode.
   if (color == Color.Black)
      return Color.DarkGray;
   double[] hsl;
   Utility.RGBtoHSL(color, out hsl);

   // Make the entities not current look paler
   hsl[2] = Math.Min(255, hsl[2] * 1.8);

   // and with half opacity for wires and a quarter for polygons (currently not working on wires because blending is not enabled)
   Color grayedCol = Color.FromArgb(edge ? color.A / 2 : color.A/4, Utility.HSLtoRGB(hsl));

   return grayedCol;
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