• Fixed Surface entity with accurate transparency
  • Fixed selection of FemMesh entity inside a Block
  • Fixed exception inside Environment.GetWinFormsCursors() method
  • Fixed bug in VectorView with rectangle clipping
  • Added Drawings.PaperColor property
  • Fixed UtilityEx.GetStats() method for entities inherited from BlockReference
  • Added UtilityEx.GetCircleTangentToTwoCircles() method
  • Fixed zero radius issue for conical faces in STEP file import
  • Fixed the Mesh.CutBy(Plane) method for input plane perpendicular to plane XY
  • Changed Picture entity printing order, now they are printed underneath anything else
  • Converted WriteFileAsync.SupportedLinearUnitsType to static property
  • Restored original speed of Solid.Clone() method
  • Fixed HiddenLinesView.CreateMetafile() method with FillText in WPF control
  • Added support of non-tangent rail corners for Brep.Sweep(). Added merge parameter to all sweep methods.
  • Replaced extension of Arc during Brep.Sweep() with linear extension. Added conversion to NURBS when the merge parameter is true.
  • Fixed Turbo drawing with semi-transparent entities and a current BlockReference
  • Fixed elliptical arc export in WriteAutodesk class
  • Fixed OpenGL crash setting current a BlockReference with semi-transparent entities
  • Removed Brep seam curves from periodic faces, it affects VectorViews
  • Fixed missing paint bug when the WinForms control is hosted inside a UserControl at design-time
  • Added support for hyperbola and parabola curves in STEP import
  • Fixed null reference exception in PerformanceStudio WPF code sample
  • Fixed wrong Hessian matrix into Curve.MinimumDistance() method
  • Added text styles support to Table entity in ReadAutodesk class
  • Improved MachineSimulator source code sample
  • Fixed instance visibility at Entity level in Turbo mode
  • Fixed null reference exception with Direct3D renderer in WinForms control
  • Added OnLostKeyboardFocus event handler to reset keyboard states with Native renderer in WPF control
  • Fixed Turbo crash in Mesh and Region entities with zero triangles
  • Fixed ConicalSurf.CreateSurface() for planar cones
  • Added exception for Professional edition when trying to intersect a Line with an Ellipse
  • Fixed DraftingDemo source code sample for wrong type cast
  • Fixed STEP export for rational NURBS curves
  • Fixed broken dynamic selection in WPF control
  • Fixed copy and paste with Direct3D renderer
  • Fixed Visual Studio 2012 compilation compatibility for CustomControls project
  • Fixed issue inĀ Form New feature of AssemblyTreeView
  • Added Environment.SetPrinterSettings() method
  • Fixed crash for FastPointCloud entity in FindClosestVertex() method
  • Added the DrawingPanel and refactored PaperSpace source code sample
  • Added the Exception to the WorkFailedEventArgs
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