If you don't license per machine, what happens with regard to an automated build machine or build server? There is no developer there.

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  • So, in the case of a single developer, build machine and single license; the license should be activated on both the developer machine and the build machine. What are the requirement's for doing this?

    Does it have to be the same user account that performs the activation on both machines or can the build machine be activated by a build machine account?

  • Hello Magnus,

    You don't need a license on the build machine.

  • But without a license on the build machine I will build an application with an evaluation version of the Eyeshot component? I want to release the application I build on the build machine, and in that case an activated license is required, right?

  • This probably happened because you installed the Eyeshot setup on the build machine. Please uninstall it and remove the "C:\ProgramData\devDept Sofware" folder

  • If the annual or monthly purchase period expires, can I proceed with development?


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