Eyeshot 11 Beta

Bologna, Italy – Nov 6, 2017

devDept Software is proud to announce the Eyeshot 11 Beta program.
New features include: proprietary file format (versioned), collision detection, IFC (IFCZIP included) and 3DS file import, asynchronous regeneration, massive use of KeyedCollections, DWG® 2018 and dimension tolerances.
Relevant new classes:
  • ReadFile, WriteFile. You can test these using 'Open' and 'Save' buttons added to EyeshotDemo source code sample. This class include the options to save geometry only, tessellation only or both (to leverage file size vs. loading speed), supports entity types extension and file compression. This file format will always be able to read old version files and will save current version only. Data integrity is not guaranteed during beta.
  • CollisionDetection. You can test this using the new RobotArm source code sample. It can performed collision check from two list of entities (check collision from each entity of one list to the entities of the second one) or a unique list of entities (check collision among entities in the same list). The collision CheckMethods available are: OBB intersection, Octree intersection (or both) and the most accurate intersection available for each kind of entity (ICurve are not supported for the latest type of check yet). It can stop at the first collision found or it can return all the collisions. The Result list contains the collided entities tuples found.
  • ReadIFC. You can test this using the 'Import' button of EyeshotDemo source code sample.
  • Read3DS (scene graph is not supported yet). You can test this using the 'Import' button of EyeshotDemo source code sample.
  • RegenOptions. You can test this using the 'RegenAsync' button of EyeshotDemo source code sample. You'll find an additional setting to include silhouette preprocessing inside the RegenOptions class.
  • Octree for increasing speed of FindClosestTriangle() method on large mesh of triangles



A list of the samples we have improved/added follows:
  • Added RobotArm for collision detection
  • Added AnimatedPicture for video display on Picture entity
  • Added PerformanceStudio to check FPS with different scene structures
  • Added Wing for airfoil drawing and Solid3D creation
  • Improved EyeshotDemo for proprietary, IFC and 3DS file formats support and for asynchronous regeneration support.


Breaking changes:
  • Entity.LayerIndex is now string LayerName
  • Dropped MS Kinect sensor support and its source code sample
  • Dicom assembly is now merged inside Control one
  • Graphics, Control and Control.x86/x64 assemblies now have Win or Wpf suffix depending on target platform
  • Blocks, Layers, Materials, LineTypes and TextStyles master collections are now KeyedCollections
  • Removed Circular (not CircularWin10) ProgressBar style

A more detailed list of breaking changes can be found here.


Only the language reference of the WinForms and WPF API documentation is periodically updated.


The ProjectConverter tool need still to be upgraded.


Date Votes
  • When will the Beta Testing for Eyeshot 11 begin?

  • How can one dowload the beta version

  • Would like to test the functions, ifc is what i waited for :)

  • These all look like very interesting improvements. I really look forward to working with this.

    I'm curious about the regeneration improvements. I understand Regen can now be done async. Will this also allow the same entity to be added to multiple viewports without cloning?

    Also, is there a sample for the OcTree? Can the OcTree data be fed into the Marching Cube routine easily? Combining both of these technologies can allow for some amazing benefits and new abilities.

    Thanks, Jas

  • It is wonderful for the collision detection function. And i need to keep the color of loaded model as well.I am looking for that.

  • Does anyone have the chance to join beta program and try the beta of version 11?


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