Do I need to convert the existing 2023 version project to 2024 twice?

I'm asking just in case.
Today, I upgraded the existing .NetFramework4.7 to .NET converter, but I had to convert twice.

1. Select “convert Project File to SDK style” and then open it with VS.
  -> The project type was .NET,  property framework 4.8 version.
2. So, just in case, I ran the upgrade program again, and this time a screen for selecting .NET6 from the menu appeared.
  -> When I opened it with VS, it was the .NET6.0 version.

I wonder if I need to do the conversion twice like this.



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  • The upgrade-assistant tool provides two distinct options during the conversion process:

    1. Complete Conversion (SDK and .NET Upgrade):

      • Initiates both the conversion to SDK style and the upgrade to a specified .NET version (e.g., .NET 6.0).
    2. Convert Project File to SDK Style:

      • Converts the project file to the SDK style while retaining the .NET Framework version (e.g., 4.7.2).

    That said, it's not necessary to convert the project twice.



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