Eyeshot 6.0 Beta available for download

devDept Software is pleased to announce that Eyeshot 6.0 is now in beta test.

What's New

  • Region entity
  • 2D booleans on Region entity
  • Curve and surface fillet
  • Curve and surface offset
  • Fast point cloud
  • Surface reconstruction from point cloud
  • Mesh cut
  • Mesh and solid point inside check
  • Semitransparent curves support
  • Asynchronous file import and ReadAutodesk, ReadASC, ReadSTL, ReadOBJ, ReadIGES and ReadSTEP classes
  • CNC offset and pocket
  • IFace.Section() method
  • FemMesh clip by plane
  • Smarter and faster FEM solver
  • Fem 2D and 3D truss elements
  • ViewCube UI element
  • Previous and next views selection
  • Multiple grid support
  • Object manipulator
  • Three additional selection modes based on polygons
  • Ability to replace the coordinate system icon with a custom Mesh
  • AutoCAD® 2013 file format support
  • Windows 8 and Visual Studio® 2012 support
  • Multi-touch support for Zoom/Pan/Rotate, selection, etc.
  • Intel® HD based Windows® 8 tablet devices support

What's Changed 

  • Parameterization of Circle, Arc, Ellipse and  EllipticalArc entities
  • ViewportLayout.Blocks is now a dictionary
  • BlockReference.Explode() was moved to ViewportLayout.Entities.Explode()
  • Transparency, inaccurate/blended one is now the default setting
  • Surface.Trim() method parameters order
  • ICurve.Revolve() with startAngle and deltaAngle for surfaces
  • Surface.TrimLoops was renamed to Trimming and it's of Region type
  • Untrimmed surfaces now have a rectangular trim loop
  • Surface.ExtractEdge() does not accept -1 as contour index anymore
  • Mesh.Sweep() now supports sharp rail corners


Only the language reference of the documentation is now updated.

As always we welcome your feedback.



Alberto Bencivenni, Development Manager
devDept Software S.a.s.



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