Eyeshot 9.0 Beta available for download

devDept Software is pleased to announce that Eyeshot 9.0 is now in beta testing.

What's New

  • Added support to WPF control for Remote Desktop Connection
  • Added support for reading point clouds from LAS files (ReadLAS class)
  • Added support for AutoCAD SHX fonts
  • Added VolumeRendering (see VolumeRendering source code sample)
  • Improved FeatureDetection source code sample
  • New source code sample Routing
  • Added support for Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015
  • Eyeshot Tools, a new utility application for activation, projects upgrade, samples unlock, laptop machine detection.
  • Added Solid3D watertight triangulation, silhouette drawing and texture mapping.
  • Added Text entity conversion to Nurbs curves and Region entities
  • Added Layer.Exportable property
  • Added selection filter to enable selection on object faces, edges, vertices.
  • Added SelectVisibleByPickDynamic action type to allow selection dynamic highlight
  • Added the Text.Billboard property to see the text always parallel to screen
  • Added Leader entity
  • Added Solid3D.IsPointInside(), Section() and IntersectionCurves() methods
  • Added Region.ExtrudeAsSolid3D(), RevolveAsSolid3D() and SweepAsSolid3D()
  • Improved 2D triangulation
  • Improved FPS rate of WPF source code samples
  • Added the Lighting property to all User Interface elements, when false a new flat UI is used.
  • Added resolution independence in WPF control to support 4k monitors
  • Added the WPF MVVM source code sample
  • Added UtilityEx.ConxexHull() method for 3D convex hull computation
  • Added ICurve.IntersectWith() method
  • Added the ability to localize enums in this way
  • Added face selection for Mesh and Solid entities

What has changed

  • New rule: Extrude, Revolve and Sweep from Region generate closed objects, from curves generate open objects
  • ICurve.IsPlanar() on closed curves always returns a consistent plane
  • Extrude, Revolve and Sweep methods were renamed to ExtrudeAsMesh(), RevolveAsMesh() and SweepAsMesh(), ExtrudeAsSolid(), RevolveAsSolid() and SweepAsSolid(), etc.
  • Removed the ability to set center of rotation with multi-touch
  • Changed MagnifyingGlass, now available as an ActionMode.
  • .NET Framework, now it's version 4.5
  • DLL name, now they all end with the .v9 suffix
  • Added WorkUnit.Unlock() to WorkUnit and all derived classes
  • WorkUnit.DoWork(ViewportLayout) does not call WorkCompleted() anymore
  • ButtonStyle.ColorTheme property was moved to Background class
  • colorThemeType now includes Auto for automatic background brightness detection
  • Eyeshot control font is now inherit from parent Form/Window
  • ToolBar.Contains() method now takes the mouse cursor position in screen coordinates

Release Notes

You can find some videos of new features here.



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  • where is the download link ?

  • Hi Semi,

    The download link in your DevDept account. You need to log in: https://www.devdept.com/Account/LogIn


  • trial users dont see link :(

  • Yes, we only do internal Beta. Sorry.

  • Do you have any estimates on the date when the non-beta version will be released?

  • We are regular user of Eyeshot since 2012. We have been using all versions from 5 to 8.

    Why I can't see the download link either?

  • Because your subscription is expiring before the release date. I've just sent it to you via HighTail.

  • Thanks!

  • We had used eyeshot old-version(version 6, 7, 8).

    And, we still use this version and we have some problems.

    (Tessellation, Solid3D booleans, Watertight triangulation, etc...)

    We want to test new-version Eyeshot(9.0). Please add link on my site.


  • Hi Edward,

    The setup is already on your way.

  • Is there an expected release data for the non-beta version of Eyeshot 9?

  • Hi Frank,

    It was released on Jan 19, 2015


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