Allow selection of Face/Edge/Vertex (BRep) at the same time


When I change from "model1.SelectionFilterMode = selectionFilterType.Face" to "model1.SelectionFilterMode = selectionFilterType.Edge" everthing is unselected.


Yes, I created a workaround that works for what I need. i.e. selection based on what is closest to the mouse. Using the viewport.GetItemUnderMouseCursor to firstly find the entity (a custom mesh entity created from Brep data for faces, edges, and vertices) and then based on a distTo vs distMax for the subitems of face, edge and vertex were able to determine which entity subitem type was closest. I used a new implementation of SelectedItem, based on the same properties as the original Eyeshot one, and stored them in a “SelectedItems” collection in the viewport.




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