Eyeshot running on web browser (feature request)

Good day,

for our next project we would like to offer the possibility to use an advanced graphic visualization system (as Eyeshot) within a browser. 

Microsoft (and by the .Net Community) is introducing "Blazor" that is a new technology that allows to run C # code on a browser (client side, in single page applications) through a minimized .net runtime (executed through the WebAssembly technology) .

In order to use Blazor it is necessary that the code (and the libraries it depends on):

- does not use the functions blocked by the browser sandbox

- adheres to the .Net Standard 2.0 specification


The request is: what is the position of DevDept on this topic ?


The alternative to using Blazor is to write the software in a language that can be executed in a browser (aka javascript).


Thank you for the attention.




Keven Corazza





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