Eyeshot 2020 Released 🍹

Bologna, Italy — February 3, 2020. devDept Software S.r.l., leading provider of software development tools to the engineering industry, today announces the release of Eyeshot 2020, the native CAD control for .NET Framework.

New Features

  • ReadGCode class and a new entity called Toolpath (Screenshot)
  • Billboard drawing for Text entities defined inside a Block
  • Length/Perimeter/Area/Mass for Object/Face/Edge/Curve with proper linear and mass units
  • ReadJT class to read tessellation from Siemens JT files (up to version 9.5)
  • Native multitouch implementation in WPF control (Article and Video)
  • RootBlock paradigm. Eyeshot 2020 includes a default Block that represents the scene root. (Article)
  • Seamless navigation through assemblies, with endless edit/open command combinations. (Video)
  • Progressive Turbo representation during assembly navigation (Article)
  • Improved Zoom/Pan/Rotate/ZoomFit on large assemblies with Turbo enabled (Video)
  • New, convex hull based, zoom fit. Includes dedicated settings for fitting huge 2D drawings. (Video)
  • Display/highlight collision detection intersection volumes (see CollisionDetection code sample)
  • Display angles in the degrees/minutes/seconds format for angular dimensions
  • Dimension text with a different color
  • Load thumbnail image from DWG files
  • Multiple origin symbols per Viewport (see Part1 code sample)
  • Proper illumination on BlockReference with mirror transformation
  • Clipping boundary in the Picture entity
  • FemMesh slice (Screenshot)
  • Radial/Diametric dimensions in Drawings environment (Video)
  • Improved texture mapping for Brep entity (Screenshot)
  • Improved small object culling and frustum culling during dynamic movements (Video)
  • Write/Read entities by reference
  • 3D PDF output document customization: sample document (download the file to view the 3d content)
  • Read thickness of AutoCAD wires
  • BRep booleans and tangent faces (Article)

New Code Samples

  • WebForms

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