Eyeshot 2021 Beta

devDept Software is proud to announce the Eyeshot 2021 Beta program.

The list of new features ready to be tested in this build follows. With regard to toolpath generation, we are still focusing on toolpath accuracy and computation speed, we will add proper leads and linkings soon. Volume meshing, although completed, is still under revision for speed optimization.

  • Hatch entity (Video, can be tested in DraftingDemo code sample)
  • Multi-file save (Video and Article can be tested in AssemblyDemo code sample)
  • Lazy loading (Video, can be tested in AssemblyDemo code sample)
  • Manufacture environment, Stock and MachiningPlane entities (Video, can be tested in CamDemo)
  • SimulationStock entity (Video, can be tested in CamDemo code sample)
  • BOM and Balloons (Video, can be tested in PaperDemo code sample)
  • Improved SelectTriangles sample for sub-item selection of triangles and segments
  • New CabinetDesigner code sample with interactive collision detection (Video)
  • Redesigned Eyeshot control resize (Video, can be tested in AssemblyDemo code sample)
  • ObjectManipulator label (Video)
  • FastMesh entity, a Vertex Buffers based mesh object.
  • NVidia Grid support
  • Improved small text rendering
  • Machining leads (straight and circular) and ramp (plunge, helix) management
  • Accurate collision detection speed improvements (up to 90%)
  • WorkManager, an asynchronous WorkUnit queue manager
  • WriteMultiFile.UpdateThumbnail property to generate file thumbnails during write operations
  • Updated FunctionPlot code sample (now includes FastPointCloud and FastMesh)
  • ReadPDF class to import PDF drawings (Video)

Eyeshot 2021 is based on .NET Framework 4.8 and Visual Studio 2015

YouTube playlist for Eyeshot 2021 Preview.


3x Milling Overview

2D Operations

  • Clearing2D
  • Pocket2D
  • Contour2D
  • Face2D

3D Operations

  • Clearing3D
  • Pocket3D
  • Contour3D
  • Parallel3D


  • Support for flat, bull and ball endmills
  • Support for any kind of geometry (flipped, cracked and faulty included)
  • 2D and 3D toolpath generation
  • 2D and 3D toolpath simulation
  • Toolpath generation limited to a boundary region
  • Axial and radial stock to leave
  • Clearance, retract, top and bottom machining planes
  • Climb, conventional and mixed cut directions
  • Flat area detection
  • Straight and circular leads
  • Plunge and helix ramps


Date Votes
  • Do us active customers have a way to download the beta? 


    Thank you!

  • Sure, just login into your -developer- account and check the serial number table.

  • It's not there, like it has been in the past, that's why I couldn't figure it out. I'll send you an email.

  • 1 - Is there a possibility that when loading a .eye file so that it replace every Mesh it find into a FastMesh ?

    2 - What does the PDF class does exactly ? extract as bitmap and put an image object in the viewport ?

  • When do you expect to have ported to Net 5?

  • Hi Francis,

    FastMesh, although lightweight is designed for dynamic objects (vertices or normals or colors change) not for static objects. You can try it using Mesh.ConvertToFastMesh().

    ReadPDF class imports drawings from PDF printouts. After proper scaling, you can use them as a DWG drawing.

  • Hi Jorg, 

    The project is 50% done and initially will involve only the geometry kernel. We expect to finish it within 2021 Q2.


  • Got it for fast mesh. For the PDF i assume it reads only the vectorial shapes in the pdf pages and doesn't do some kind of magic to convert actual images in a PDF like a scan of an actual physical drawing that is stored as an image in the PDf right ?

  • My congratulations. Very impressive works, in particular on machining side. Waiting to test It in the beta version, some questions:
    Does cutting simulations supports swept volume strategy?
    Is the simulations capable to preserve Sharp feature ( such as in the cubical marching Square algoritm in the paper I send you some years ago)?

  • Hi Fabrizio,

    Yes, the swept volume is supported. No sharp features preservation, sorry.

  • .NET 5 is important to us because EF Core 5 has database access features that we need and EF Core 5 does not work with .NET 4.  I recognize that supporting .NET 5 is a major change -- it is for us as well.  Please consider this an up vote for Eyeshot support of.NET 5. All of the other external libraries that we use support .NET 5 now.  

  • We are end of January so i guess 2021 version is pushed back ? Do you have a realistic date or time frame for the non beta release

  • Hi Francis,

    It's a matter of days, stay tuned! We are reviewing all the samples for proper operation before releasing.


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