.NET native DWG/DXF importer without legacy DLLs

A .NET native DWG/DXF importer without the need to link OpenDesign.com DLLs. As a managed code developer, I hate to deal with these old fashioned unmanaged DLLs and associated *.TX and *.TXV files.



  • Sounds great! Are you going to go and grab the binary layout(headers, offsets, checksums and the like) from the C++ part and create your own objects from that, or are you going to go he Hexinator way? :D

  • Hi Martin,

    Let's say both, very hard project but vital for our tools. We cannot make any promise yet.

  • Would be a great feature. Strongly needed.

  • I was wondering if you will be able to keep uptodate this new importer with new release of DWG and DXF format. You can like ODA or not, but they are doing also this at the moment.

    It is not a criticism, just a consideration. I love Eyeshot and what you are doing.



  • To our knowledge, DWG file format is dead. I mean, it will not get any new features. This is the reason why we embarked on this project 


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