Eyeshot 2021 Released 🍾

Bologna, Italy — February 5, 2021. devDept Software S.r.l., leading provider of software development tools to the engineering industry, today announces the release of Eyeshot 2021, the native CAD control for .NET Framework.

What's new in Eyeshot 2021


  • Hatch entity (Video, can be tested in DraftingDemo code sample)
  • BOM and Balloons (Video, can be tested in PaperDemo code sample)
  • Improved VectorView selection, you can now change curve properties without setting the View current (Video, can be tested in PaperDemo code sample)
  • ArcDimension import (as angular) from DWG/DXF

Proprietary File Format

  • Multi-file read/write. The ability to read/write assemblies from/to disk as one file per block. (Video and Article, can be tested in AssemblyDemo code sample)
  • Lazy loading. Allows Table of Context only loading of a complex assembly, leaving to the user the ability to load a single assembly component at time. (Video, can be tested in AssemblyDemo code sample)


  • Manufacture environment with classes for defining milling setups, tools, 2x and 3x milling strategies, leads & ramps and stocks. Manufacture environment includes the material removal simulation with true sweeps for ball, bull nose and flat end mills. (Video, can be tested in CamDemo code sample)

Collision Detection

  • Accurate collision detection went under a complete refactoring and now is much faster (up to 40x) (Video and Article)


  • ReadPDF class to import vector drawings from PDF documents (Video)
  • Redesigned Eyeshot control resize (Video, can be tested in AssemblyDemo code sample)
  • ObjectManipulator label (Video)
  • WorkManager, an asynchronous WorkUnit queue manager. (Article)
  • NVidia Grid support
  • Improved small text rendering



Eyeshot 2021 is based on Visual Studio 2015 and .NET Framework 4.8

YouTube playlist for Eyeshot 2021 Preview.


CAM Features Overview

2D Milling Strategies

  • Clearing2D
  • Pocket2D
  • Contour2D
  • Face2D

3D Milling Strategies

  • Clearing3D
  • Pocket3D
  • Contour3D
  • Parallel3D


  • Support for flat, bull nose and ball end mills
  • Support for any kind of geometry (flipped, cracked and faulty included)
  • 2D and 3D toolpath generation
  • 2D and 3D toolpath simulation
  • Toolpath generation limited to a boundary region
  • Axial and radial stock to leave
  • Clearance, retract, top and bottom machining planes
  • Climb, conventional and mixed cut directions
  • Flat area detection
  • Straight and circular leads
  • Plunge and helix ramps
  • Order by depth
  • Stay down distance



Date Votes
  • Any list of breaking changes ?

  • Hi Francis, 

    The list of breaking changes can be found here.

  • Does the Hatch entity work similar to a Region entity? Can I convert a Region into a Hatch?

  • Yes, Solid Hatch is similar to a Region. It supports disjoint or self-intersecting contours and is drawn filled even in wireframe display mode. You can create a Hatch from the Region contour list:

    Hatch hatch = new Hatch(Hatch.SolidPatternName, region.ContourList, region.Plane);
  • Hi, any news about .Net 5 support? Is a beta scheduled soon? I'm working on a brand new project I would really love to use the latest technology available.

  • Giacomo, They were looking into the feasibility to go with .NET core with 2021. That goal wasn't complete so it is certainly pushed to the 2022 version but the roadmap is not up yet. So I wouldn't bet on getting .NET 5 feasibility before at least 2022. At that doesn't mean it can be done.

  • It would be a major problem if they cannot support the latest .Net releases, but I'm confident that will not be the case even if it is clearly a challenging task.

    Anyway, without a clear schedule I have to switch back to .Net 4.8, but it's my fault, I should have checked beforehand.

  • Don't forget .NET 5.0 is also a completely different framework than .NET Framework 4.8. For example Winforms has a completly new backend code and it's not anymore the old GDI+ that has been carried out since .NET 1.0. Most controls visual is now run of a mix of DirectX and GDI+. All the old namespace you are used to are either gone or replace with a brand new version.


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