Eyeshot 2021.2 Released

We are proud to announce the availability of a new Eyeshot 2021 stable build: 2021.2.416

New Features

  • Parallel2D milling strategy (see Video)
  • APT tool support (for simulation only)
  • Stock by geometry (see Video)
  • Tool holder collision detection during simulation (see  Video)
  • SimulationTimeline UI element (see Video)
  • 3x milling GCode import and simulation (see Video)
  • VolumeMesher class to convert BRep objects in TET4 or TET10 FemMesh. Because of some limitations we still consider this a feature preview. (see Video)
  • Model.SmallSizeRatioStill and Moving properties to control small object culling during still and moving frames
  • ICurve.GetTightBBox() method for exact bounding box computation on curves

New Code Samples

To learn more about this update, please check the Changelog.





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