Eyeshot 12 Beta 🎉

devDept Software is proud to announce the Eyeshot 12 Beta program.

New Features

  • Improved lighting (more vivid colors)
  • Environments: ViewportLayout control has been replaced by Model (ex ViewportLayout), Drawings and Simulation controls. Environments are variants of the ViewportLayout control tailored for their specific scope.
  • Teigha SWIG. With version 12 we moved from the deprecated Teigha .NET Classic to the Teigha SWIG platform for DWG/DXF interoperability.
  • Table entity
  • Improved Solid3D entity drawing speed
  • Solid3D.SubdivideBy(), Solid3D.Face.SubdivideBy() (Video)
  • Fast ZPR. Controlled by Entities.MaxComplexity = 3000 property (it kicks in when the total number of objects in the scene goes beyond this threshold). Use int.MaxValue to disable. Use EntityList.UpdateBoundingBox() to update. No selection, no transparency, no dimensions support yet. (Video, Video)
  • Enhanced ObjectManipulator (see ObjectManipulator source code sample) (Video)
  • Proprietary file format Thumbnail view (Video)
  • Multi-plane clipping (Video)
  • Improved LAS file format import. Added export.

Proprietary file format data integrity is not guaranteed during Beta.

New Code Samples

  • PaperSpace (Video) (VB.NET will be added soon)

Breaking Changes

  • Changed Solid3D.CutBy(), Solid3D.SplitBy() return type from bool to booleanFailureType
  • Solid3D class renamed as Brep
  • Replaced Solid.BrepMode property with Solid.IsClosed

Project converter tool currently does only essential renaming.


Only the language reference of the WinForms and WPF API documentation is periodically updated.



  • OK, Go ahead.

  • Where can I find the Beta?

  • Under your account if you have a current subscription.

  • Doesn't seem to be visible in account downloads with active subscription

  • Also not in mine - that's what I checked first, before asking you Alberto;-)

  • I will send you the setup via WeTransfer while Tiziana checks your accounts.

  • Hi Alberto,

    great news, I love to read :-)

    Also for me, I do not find the download link under my account...

    Please check.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Just to make sure, the FastZPR will eventually support the transparency right ?

    It will become pretty much a must that new feature as we are going to jump from our usual 3,000 - 5,000 (Meshed and Solids) to 75,000 in 1 viewport.

  • Also missing link under my account.

  • What improvements can I expect for IFC files?

  • Hi EyeShot Team,

    excellent work :D
    I'm already looking forward to the Graphics improvements in my areas of application.
    EyeShot is the best SDK I've ever bought, also the support is great!

    keep it up and best regards


  • Thanks for the nice words on our hard work! 💪

    Yes Francis, transparency will be supported.

  • Hello,

    I look forward using it.

    Thank you for all these new great features.


  • For ReadIFC there are these minor changes:

    - Added import of IfcOpeningElement, they are saved in the IIfcEntities.Openings property as a list of IfcMesh.

    - Added a Deviation property, used to build the geometry.

  • I will certainly renew my license.
    Excellent work.
    I look forward to new options for IFC.


  • Hi Alberto,

    the download option is still not visible on our account page.
    Can you please again send me a download link for the beta?

    Many thanks in advance!!!

    Kind regards

  • Hi Stefan,

    Serial numbers and download links are provided with 2018 license renewals. I forwarded to you the download link.

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