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Most of my users are asking for a PDF to Vector converter (PDF to CAD converter).

ODA now include a good PDF to CAD converter :
Here you can read :
“Drawings 2019 offers PDF import and PDF underlay visualization as standard components for .dwg-based applications,” commented Neil Peterson, ODA President. “Both technologies were available previously but required an additional licensing fee. With 2019 they are now available to all ODA members at no additional cost.”

Please consider to include it in a next release or version.

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  • We have no plans to support this in the short term. You may want to consider tools like (the one that ODA is using, c++ version) to import PDF drawing entities by yourself.

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  • Ok that's a pity, thanks for your comment.

    Note : I already use pdfium for converting PDF to image (or for extracting texts), but it's a lot more difficult and work to extract vectors and graphics from PDF.

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