Better highlighting functionality.

What I want is more functionality to highlight the selected entity.

I've found "aModel.SelectionColor = Color.aColor" to change the color of the highlighting but I need some more modifiability to offer the visual experience requested. The image shows my first thoughts regarding this, a light version of the selection color around the selected entity, and availability to temporarily change the size. 

Thank you!

Sorry if something similar already exists, was directed to here from a question in the FAQ.



  • How does this apply to 3D objects or 3D objects edges?

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  • I have not fully thought about that, I'm trying to offer a top view only, i.e. 2D visual experience.

    I'd imagine it be pretty similar though, maybe the temporary size increase is superfluous in 3D and simple glow effect would be sufficient.

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  • Using
    yourEntity.LineWeightMethod = colorMethodType.byEntity;
    yourEntity.LineWeight = DesiredValue;

    Works to temporarily change the values back and forth when selecting/deselecting entities to highlight them further than a color change.
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