Eyeshot 2021.3 Released

We are proud to announce the availability of a new Eyeshot 2021 stable build: 2021.3.487

New Features

  • Updated ODA libraries to version 22.7
  • Added anisotropic surface meshing (see Video)
  • Added multi-domain meshing using Brep materials
  • Added Brep.MergeAndKeepFaces() method to allow multi-domain meshing
  • Added FemMesh.GetNodesBy() family of methods to simplify the selection of nodes on BRep faces/edges/vertices
  • Added BRep adaptive meshing based on element size defined at edge level
  • Added multi-operation support to SimulationTimeline UI element
  • Added Contour2D.Flips property to allow individual contour direction reverse
  • Added GetRawPasses() method to 3D milling family of classes
  • Added a new shader to Shaders code sample
  • Added support for embedded images in ReadAutodesk class

To learn more about this update, please check the Changelog.





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