Eyeshot 2022.2 Released

We are proud to announce the availability of Eyeshot version 2022.2

New Features

  • Brep Fillet and Chamfer (Video, can be tested in SketcherDemo code sample)
  • Mixed selection modes: edge/face vertex/face edge/face (can be tested in Measure code sample)
  • Subitem selection on Sketch, Region, and CompositeCurve entity (can be tested in EyeshotDemo code sample)
  • net472 and net6-windows assemblies (Article, Arrows code sample contains a converted Visual Studio project file)
  • Permanent anti-aliasing on main UI elements (ObjectManipulator, Origin, ViewCube, CoordinateSystem)
  • FemMesh gravity load (can be tested in the FemDemo code sample)
  • Semi-transparent dynamic selection with halo (Video, Article)
  • Assembly component/instance isolation (Video, can be tested in CollisionDetection, CabinetDesigner, and AssemblyDemo code samples)
  • The Sketcher code sample is now SketcherDemo (Video)
  • Text entity async regeneration
  • Interactive dimension drawing preview (can be tested in DraftingDemo, SketcherDemo, and PaperDemo code samples)
  • Visual Studio Debugger Visualizer for entity types (Video, Article)
  • .NET6 version of Geometry assembly (for cross-platform deployment), available upon request only.
  • Removed Open Design x86 unmanaged DLLs from the installer, now available upon request only.

To learn more about this update, please check the Changelog.



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  • Did we have this version on nuget

  • No, there are no official NuGet packages generated by devDept yet.


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